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The educational material linked to below has been produced by several different organizations through out the United States.                   
Regardless of where the material was produced, much of the information presented can be used to protect the water quality
in your own neighborhood.

Water Quality Presentation

 Backyard Pollution Prevention (Courtesy of University of North Carolina State, Chapel Hill)

Water Quality Educational Videos: Click on the windowsmedia_button.gif symbol to view.

Stormwater Management from a Watershed Perspective (Courtesy of Washington State University Extension) windowsmedia_button.gif
(Previously Recorded)
The Pacific Northwest Regional Water Quality Program's Watershed Issues Series is turning its focus to strategies used by
municipalities and homeowners to manage stormwater. The case studies reflect use of Low Impact Development techniques
to manage runoff on-site and minimize pollution loading to waterways. Every year, billions of gallons of untreated stormwater
flow into streams and rivers across the nation. The Environmental Protection Agency calls it the 'number one water quality
problem.' This video is a examines successful stormwater management strategies used in three watersheds across the
nation - Boone, NC, Willoughby, OH and Portland, OR.

Are vehicle wastes carried away by stormwater? (Courtesy of NC State Cooperative Extension) windowsmedia_button.gif
Examines the effects of vehicle washing on water quality.

Down the Drain (Courtesy of NC State Cooperative Extension) windowsmedia_button.gif
An overview of efforts communities are using to implement stormwater management programs.  Provides information
on various stormwater related topics.  The video should prove useful to anyone who wants to learn about steps they
can take to protect water quality.

Additional Water Quality and Stormwater Protection Resources:

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