Town of Niskayuna, NY
Town Board Minutes 2/28/2012


Joe Landry, Supervisor
Julie McDonnell, Councilwoman
Denise Murphy McGraw, Councilwoman
Jonathan McKinney, Councilman

Liz Orzel Kasper, Councilwoman, absent

Others present:  Michele M. Martinelli, Town Clerk; Peter Scagnelli, Town Attorney; Matthew Miller, Deputy Town Attorney; Stanley Fiminski, Deputy Chief of Police;  Frank Gavin, Highway Superintendent; Kathy Matern, Planning Technician; Paul Sebesta, Comptroller; William Lawrence, Computer Network Coordinator;  Richard Pollock, Superintendent of Water/Sewer; Matt Yetto; Senior Civil Engineer

The minutes of the Town Board meeting of December 8, 2011 were approved as presented.
The minutes of the Town Board meeting of December 20, 2011 were approved as presented.


Public Hearing No. 1:  to consider an amendment to the Vehicle and Traffic Code to provide for the installation of a stop sign on Leroy Street and Gasner Avenue.  
When no members of the public wished to be heard, Supervisor Landry closed the Public

        Public Hearing No. 2: to consider improvements of facilities for Sewer District No. 6.
        When no members of the public wished to be heard, Supervisor Landry closed the Public Hearing.

        Town Engineer, Matt Yetto, gave a presentation on the proposed building of a new garage and office for the water and sewer maintenance groups. The following is an overview of the presentation
  • He reviewed the status and condition of the existing facility at 2555 River Road
  • He reviewed the status of the former school building and grounds maintenance garage at 1034 WRY Road
  • Explained the problem of each property and the current needs of the department.
  • Presented the proposed solution and proposed construction of the new buildings.
  • Presented the preliminary estimated cost of these projects

John Karl, 2513 McGovern Dr.: would like to remind people, that old is not bad and what are the alternative to maintain the building on River Road. He would like to know is there is an environmental and quality of life impact statement for this area. Would propose a public hearing all aspects of this issue and a public referendum on this topic  

Dick Frigolette, 2361 St Joseph Drive:  would like more information on this issue and is it really necessary to do this.  How much of this project will be Bonded.  He is in objection to depending.

Fran Leary, 1045 Van Antwerp Road: would like to thank Mr. Landry for being up to talking to people at any time and has concerns with the transfer station being moved.  

Don Cromer, 2416 Loudon Place:  Matt did a wonderful job on the presentation. He believes that the town should vote on this issue, and what does a group bond mean. What will go in the place of the buildings at are being taken down

Jacqueline Skolnik, 1271 Lock 7 Rd.:  would like the board to understand that the transfer station is very valuable to the town.  

Lorene Zabin, 2455 Brookshire Dr.: she questioned if moving the maintenance building would have an effect on sewer district #6
Bill Regan, 1231 Rosehill Blvd:  question of clarification Will is issue be a board vote, and would like more information on this topic

Mildred Gittinger, 1197 Counrty Club Drive, So.:  Would like to consider refurbishing the present facilities

Leslie Gold 1919 Pawtucket:  would like more information on the topic and wonder if there could a more centrally located site for this building.   

Margaret Blechinger, 2410 Parkville Place: agrees that the building should be replaced didn’t realize that the building was in such poor condition and that the work conditions should be improved for the employees. She would like a different plan to develop the present River Road site land fill site.

Jonetta Darsey, 772 Whitney Drive:  is concerned with adding to the traffic on Rt. 7, of the transfer station is moved

Hans Heilbronner, 19 Carrie Ct:  Concerned with why the transfer station being moved.

When no other members of the public wished to be heard, Supervisor Landry closed the public hearing.

Public Hearing No. 3: to consider the improvement of facilities for Sewer District No. 1.
When no members of the public wishes to be heard, Supervisor Landry closed the public hearing

Public Hearing No. 4: on a proposed improvement of facilities for Consolidated Water District No. 1.

Lorene Zabin 2455 Brookshire Drive: would like to understand why we are improving Sewer District No.1

Supervisor Landry:  we are proposing a new water and sewer garage which would house all the employee that work for water and sewer departments. We have 3 special districts and are all prorated into the districts. When you build one facility you have 3 special districts that will be paying for the employees that will be in that facility’s money from that special will go to pay for the building. That’s why we have to have 3 public hearing for 3 special districts.


John Karl, 2512 McGovern Dr:  has a personal interest in the transfer station because he was involved in the original planning.

Jacqueline Slonik, 1271 Lock 7 Rd:  Would like to thank Supervisor Landry and Councilwomen McGraw for sponsoring resolution 2012-57, to authorize the bid to renovate the Grange Hall.

Leslie Gold, 1919 Pawtucket Avenue, has concerns with the options of the location of the transfer station.

Mildred Gittinger, 1197 Country Club So. : She was the one of the original people who started the recycling program stated in the town and has concerns with the moving of the transfer station.

Don Cromer, 2416 Loudon Place: would like to know the results of the bidding on the building that is planned in Blatick Park and what will it be used for.

Fran  Leary 1045 VanAntwerp: concerned with the fact that she was not informed of the Transfer building

Lorene Zabin, 2455 Brookshire Drive, is sorry that Don Marcello is no longer the senior bus driver.  He is a very caring and was a devoted employee.


Public Works and Transportation Committee:  Councilwoman McGraw reported the public works committee will be making appointments to the plumbing board.  Have attracted a number of grants from the NYS energy research and development authority and implementing and finalizing them.  Highway Committee has fielded many calls regarding the Yard Waste Fees.  Road work and spring time clean-up has begun.

Education ,Parks and Recreation Committee:  Councilwoman McDonnell reported that the Senior Committee is looking for volunteers to be on the Senior Advisory Committee. The committee will meet March 1st at 7 pm at Town Hall.   The March senior calendar is on the website. Youth and Adult activity schedules and calendars are online.

Economic Development Committee:  Supervisor Landry reported on the Metroplex service expansion. Tonight a public hearing will be called to expand the area.  Shop Rite has created competition which is a great thing in the US. Hannaford is planning an expansion prompted by the new shop.  He is pleased to be voting on the Grange Hall going out to bid. He is also pleased to permanently appoint Kathy Matern.


Resolution 2012-47 to authorize the acceptance of grant monies.

Resolution 2012-48 to accept bids for the purchase of materials used by the Town of Niskayuna in its public works operations during 2012.
Resolution 2012-49 to amend a resolution authorizing the purchase of a combination scanner-printer for Town Hall. Supervisor Landry , this is a clarification of the vendor.

Resolution 2012-50 to authorize the supervisor to enter into a contract with the Animal Protective Foundation of Schenectady, Inc. for the impounding and care of dogs.

Resolution 2012-51, to establish an examining board of plumbers and to appoint persons to that board.

Resolution2012-52, to make certain budgetary modifications.

Resolution 2012-53, appointing a person to the Conservation Advisory Council., Supervisor Landry, this was an oversight on the appointment of Chandra Williams, and this will keep her on the board.

Resolution 2012-54, authorizing the supervisor to submit a grant application to Schenectady County.
                Councilwoman McDonnell: this would allow funding for some of our summer programs.

Resolution 2012-55, to retain professional engineering services on an as-needed basis for 2012. The resolution was passed with a vote of three ayes.
                        Councilman McKinney - voted no  

Resolution 2012-56 to amend certain fees imposed by the Town of Niskayuna.

Resolution 2012-57 to authorize the advertising for bids to renovate the Grange Hall. Councilwoman McGraw would like to thank Jackie Slonick for her work with Ecos.  Supervisor Landry, another person that has been a tireless advocate of this project is Don Snell  

Resolution 2012-58 authorizing the renewal of a software maintenance contract.

Resolution 2012-59 authorizing an addendum to a collective bargaining agreement.

Resolution 2012-60 to authorize the hiring of a contractor to maintain certain holding ponds in the Town of Niskayuna.

Introduction of proposed Local Law A (2012).

Resolution2012-61 to call for a public hearing on March 27, 2012, at 7:00 pm to increase the boundaries of the Schenectady Metroplex service district to include certain zoning districts in the Town of Niskayuna.

Resolution 2012-62 authorizing the supervisor to submit a grant application to the Niskayuna Community Foundation.
                Councilwoman McDonnell:   these are 3 community grants which will include, 5k Fun Run, Special needs children, summer playground camps, Veterans Lunch at the Senior Center letters of intent will be filled tomorrow.

Introduction of Proposed Local Law B (2012)

Resolution 2012-63 to call for a public hearing on March 27, 2012 at 7:00 pm to amend the vehicle and traffic code to provide for the installation of a stop sign on Oakmont Street and Holiday Drive.

Resolution 2012-64 to accept a parcel of property from the owner of 2127 Union Street.

Resolution 2012-65 to appoint a Town Historian .
                Councilwoman McGraw this appoints our town Historian, Kathy Schoolcraft.  

Resolution2012-66 to appoint a Planning Technician in the Building and Planning Department.

Resolution 2012 to appoint a Senior Civil Engineer in the Engineering Department. Councilwoman McGraw:  Matt Yetto has taken on many projects in the town and is a pleasure to work with.   

Resolution 2012-68 to reschedule a regular meeting of the Town Board.  
                Supervisor Landry: there is a primary on June 26th therefore we have to  reschedule the regular meeting

Resolution2012-69 to employ additional persons in the Engineering Department and the Highway and Parks Department.

Resolution 2012-70 to authorize the upgrading of computer software and related training.

Resolution 2012-71 authorizing the purchase of equipment for the Water and Sewer Department.

Resolution 2012-72 to accept a parcel of property from the owner of 2127 Union Street.


Deputy Town Clerk – Barbara Nottke
Deputy Registrar - Barbara Nottke

There being no further business to come before the Town Board, Supervisor Landry adjourned the meeting.

Michele M. Martinelli, Town Clerk