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Town Board Minutes 3/15/2012


Joe Landry, Supervisor
Julie McDonnell, Councilwoman
Denise Murphy McGraw, Councilwoman
Jonathan McKinney, Councilman


Liz Orzel Kasper, Councilwoman

Others present:  Michele M. Martinelli, Town Clerk; Peter Scagnelli, Town Attorney; Matthew Miller, Deputy Town Attorney;  Frank Gavin, Highway Superintendent; Kathy Matern, Planning Technician; Paul Sebesta, Comptroller; William Lawrence, Computer Network Coordinator;  Richard Pollock, Superintendent of Water/Sewer; Lori Peretti, Coordinator of Community Programs


A presentation by Councilwoman McDonnell was given in regards to the proposed indoor recreational facility.  This presentation may be viewed on the Niskayuna Web site.

Dick Shalankser from Plank construction gave a presentation on the proposed indoor recreational facility.  Plans and drawings of the build were presented.


Brian Merium  Ardsey Rd, Schenectady:  commented on the proposed indoor recreational facility and explained how the  Schenectady 2000 formed a task force in 1995 with regard to sports and leisure. A not-for- profit committee was formed to take over the operations of the sports complex located in the City of Schenectady.  From 1996 -2007 the all-volunteer board entered into a public/private partnership looking into the management the operation of funds without tax payer’s monies. Brian expressed that he would like to share his knowledge of the 11 years of experience working with a public/private partnership with the Town of Niskayuna.

Don Cazer, 1424 Rosehill Blvd:  had concerns with over runs and will we have all the monies in writing. He also questioned, have the clubs agreed to pay the fees per hour for the use of the facility? He believes that this is a great idea as long as taxes do not go up.

Brett Steenburgh, 2832  Rosendale Rd :  expressed that he supports indoor recreational facility project and is a volunteer soccer coach. He believes that it would be a great advantage to have an indoor facility in our town for the player to improve their skills and give the clubs another option for space to practice. It would give more opportunities to summer programs and senior activities.
Councilman McKinney stated that what he is proposing is that the indoor recreation building could be built anywhere in the town.  If we build it on the proposed land it will costs the clubs $200,000 and we would bond $350,000. Don’t focus on the park land; it could be built anywhere in town.

Marcy Schaefer, 1262 Fox Hollow Road:  corrected the fact that the senior community is benefiting from the park and other activities will things go on in the building, it’s a recreation, center not a senior center.

Jay Nish 1456 Via Del Mar:  Gave appreciation to both Councilman McKinney and Councilwoman McDonnell for all their efforts in regards to the Indoor Recreation Building. He also made a point that the Village Square has changed over the years and the playing fields are the current “Village Square”.  

Christopher Erickson,  79 Molly Ct:  stated that he has been with the soccer with the club for 3 years and ask that this project be considered.

AaronHall 2250 Dean St:   He asked that the funding of the Indoor Recreation Facility be reconsidered and to not use Park Land funds for the project, and ask that clubs fund this project.  He asked that the board vote no on the project.

Chris Rooney 1933 Dean Street:  has a concern with this plan relying too much on revenue projections. Is there a plan B for the funding? Also is concerned with the bonding.

Jackie Citriniti, 6 Riverdale Road : has concerns with the impact on the park and is opposed with the building of the facility in this area. She questioned if there has been an environmental impact statement for this area, and would like the officials of this town to consider other options for this facility.

Leslie Gold, 1919 Pawtucket:  has a concern that these clubs will not be as popular in the years to come. Park land trusts could be used to improve and repair other areas in the town such as the pool. Leslie would like to see the town encourage children to learn a lifelong individual sports.
Leslie would like the board member to read the City of Schenectady’s report on the possibility of eliminating fluoridation in the water.

Don Rahn, 931 Northumberland Drive:  has a concern with using park land funds and public money for the project

Chase Steenburgh, 2832 Rosendale Rd: stated that he would like a stadium so he could practice in a place that would help him with learning better ball control.

Cole McLaughlin, 25 Pinecrest Dr:  agreed with Chase and would like a field to learn better ball controll.

Don Croner 2416 Louden Place: Would like this facility, but at the present time believes that it should be put on hold.  We need to address the DEC issue in the Town.

Linda Rizzo, 2229 Fairlawn Parkway: thanked all the board members and supervisor for all their work.  We all pay taxes and have concerns for the taxes we pay.  Linda expressed that we can’t compare the town with the school district.  We all, as part of this community, have something at stake.  If this was not going to be a good project or raise tax, then the supervisor could not imagine that he would agree with this project. She agreed with this project.   

Gerry Tomisman, 1515 Myron: stated that is pro sports, but believes that at this time it is faculty and financial irresponsible. Has a concern with the price of the project.

Mike Heim,  941 Morgan: he said that the Niskayuna sports program are great and he believes that we do need an inside sports facility.  Parking is a concern in this area and asked how this would be handled, would like to see less risk to the town.

Tony Ponicco, St David Lane: agrees with the project, but has concerns with the location.  He also questioned the golf range.

Fred Thompson, 1112 Fernwood Dr: he believes that transparence is invaluable, and has concerns with if residents are aware of what is going on in the town.  Has a concern with the footing of the building.

Lorene Zabin, 2455 Brookshire Drive:  has a concern with the town low reserve funds and the bonding that the town is considering.

Steve Avveduti, 841 Avon Crest Blvd: Spoke to the issue of transparence, this project has been in the works for 4 years.  The board voted on the bidding, and went to a vote for the bibs.  It’s not a soccer and lacrosse facility it’s a sport complex.

Don Bowel, 2242 Pine Ridge Rd: believes that this town does have transparence, and is impressed with the way that the resources are put to work.  If you go to the other sport facilities in the area you will see the over use of the facilities and is in support of the facility.  

Mike Parzych,1051 Lamplighter Rd, thanked the town for bring this project to completion.  He expressed that is the best option for the town and that private land has been concerned at a price of $300,000. There have been many meetings and articles on these projects and the monthly committees meeting that are open to the public.

Wayne Matuszyk, 2124 Baker Ave East, has concerns with the cost of the project and the impact on our taxes.

Chuck Batzinger , 1226 Viewmount Dr, had an appeal and a question  on this project.  On the appeal, he would like to have a more direct say in the outcome of the project moving  forward, and if the wealth of the community went a different directions would you change your mind?  He has concerns as to the liability and risk to the community with regards to the project/

Leslie Gold, 1919 Pawtucket Ave, has concerns that there may be additional costs to the residents and at past meetings she thought that it was said that the clubs would raise the money for the building and the town would provide the land.

There being no further business to come before the Town Board, Supervisor Landry adjourned the meeting.

Michele M. Martinelli, Town Clerk

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