Town of Niskayuna, NY
Town Board Minutes 4/19/2012


Joe Landry, Supervisor
Julie McDonnell, Councilwoman
Denise Murphy McGraw, Councilwoman
Liz Orzel Kasper, Councilwoman
Jonathan McKinney, Councilman

Others present: Michele M. Martinelli, Town Clerk; Peter Scagnelli, Town Attorney; Matthew Miller, Deputy Attorney; Stanley Fiminski; Acting Police Chief; Frank Gavin, Highway Superintendent; Paul Sebesta, Comptroller;  Richard Pollock, Superintendent of Water/Sewer; Matthew Yetto, Senior Civil Engineer; Lori Peretti, Coordinator of Community Programs.

        Supervisor Landry announced the passing of David VanDenburgh a town employee and a moment of silence was observed.  

        Supervisor Landry announced the following town events:
Earth Day, April 22, 2012  
 Drug Take Back Day, April 28, 2012

        Carl Holsburger , Plank Construction Company, gave a presentation on the Open Air Pavilion  and answer any question that the Board had.

Councilwoman McDonnell commented on the concerns that many people have brought up with regards to change orders.   Mr. Holsburger said that would happen more in the design build job and this is not a design built project. Councilwoman McDonnell commented addition research was done on operational expenses.  This is in regards to heating and lighting costs.

Councilwoman Kasper thanked Keith Byrnes for all the video that she received and assured all that she was informed on the project.  Councilwomen Kasper thinks that a permissive referendum is a good idea.


        Everett McDevitt, 2270 Grand Blvd:  would like the board to consider the private companies take on the project of the Open Air Pavilion to see if a profit could be made?   

        Jacqueline Skolnik, 1271 Lock 7 Rd: a member of ECOS board of directors, is in favor of athletics in our town, but is not in favor of the project and asks how can it be justified spending  town money on a project  that will be used by just a few members of the town.

        Joe McDonald, 1317 Ruffner Rd:  thanked the board members and residents for all the time that was spent on this project, and in favor of the project.

        Mark Michalisin, 865 Whitney Rd:  a coach for the Niskayuna Lacrosse club, in favor of the Open Air Pavilion.

        Fran Staunton, 1932 Holiday Dr:   has concerns on the issue of insurance and that there will be no restrooms.  

        Dick Westergard, 2766 Rosendale Rd: a concerned resident of Niskayuna whose daughter played soccer, thinks that we have to be careful of how we as a town use our money

        Bill Dosch, 1079 Valerie Dr: has a strong interest in where his money is going.  He has concernss with the cost of the Open Air Pavilion based on the plans.

        Linda Rizzo, 2229 Fairlawn Parkway: spoke to the issue of the process.  As a tax payer who votes for someone, she believes that it is the board members responsibility to attend committee meetings and board meetings and be there to vote:  It’s the power of the vote that is important.  She believes in good government in the proper format.  She is in favor of many non-essential programs in the town because if groups of people benefits from it then as a community we all will. She expressed  that she wants the proper public forum used for government.

        David Evans, 700 St. David’s Lane: expressed his disapproval of this project.
Don DeMarco, 2055 Nott St: believes that Lacrosse and Soccer is an outdoor sport and doesn’t think that they need an indoor facility. We should take care of our senior citizens.

        Jeff Meyers:  is an attorney for New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation, and in his opinion park land should be used for the majority of the people and not just a small group

        Olaniyi Oshinowo, 1039 Vrooman Ave:  moved to Niskayuna 3 years ago because of the quality of education. His concerns are that this facility will not benefit all of the community.

        Joe Ziegler, 2386 Rosendale Rd:  expressed concerns that lacrosse and soccer are fall and spring sports and if they are going to play in the winter months the town should not pay for it.

        Janis Treanor, 1009 Millington Rd: stated that we have a great community and feels that this facility would bring us together and be a benefit for the children.

        Henry Tepper, 1400 Dean St:  is a Chief Conservation Officer Patagonia and is not in favor of the Indoor Recreational Facility.

        Don Cazer, 1424  Rosehill Blvd:  made two suggestions for the board to consider. The first is to have a firm signed contract from the clubs and second have the sports clubs buy a performance bond payable to the town.

        Lorene Zabin, 2455 Brookshire Dr:  has a concern that we would be using Park Land funds for this project

        Spencer Scardino, 2004 Dean St:  said that this project is worth doing and you should pay for it.

        Amy Howansky, 2833 Whitmyer:  expressed that she will not vote for anyone who doesn’t attend meetings.  Amy is the Educational coordinator for the Schenectady Curling Club and stated the club is open only the months that the sport is in season. Amy also had concerns with posting signs on park land fields.

        Don  Rahn, 931 Northumberland Dr:  thanked Councilwoman Kasper for her prospective on the subject.  Mr. Rahn would like the town to look into private money to fund the project.

        Peter Cornell, 2432 Rosendale Rd:  is a lifelong resident of Niskayuna and is a Professional Real Estate Developer and Contractor since 1974 and spoke to concerns with regards to the final cost of the project.  It’s his business to conceive and follow through with a project and not one single project has been built the way it was conceived and planned to finance.  He would like the board to consider another plan for a possible public/private plan.

        Brendan McDonnell: wanted to speak because this project is something he really believes in and feels that it would make it more fun.

        Margaret Blechinger, 2410 Parkville Pl:  questioned why the town had to paint a white square on the street in front of her house and has concerns with using Parkland fund monies on this project.

        Keith Frary, 503 Riverhill Blvd:  Mr. Frary lives near Blatnick Park and would like a more in-depth study on this project by the Town Board Members.

        Alice Rubenfeld, 2122 Orchard Park:  would like the town to carefully consider what they are bonding and how this will affect the tax base.

        Leslie Gold, 1919 Pawtucket Ave:  spoke to concerns regarding other needs in the Town of Niskayuna.  Leslie also gave the board a letter from Corey Gold which is attached.

        Jackie Citriniti 6 Riverdale Rd:  thanked Councilwoman McDonnell for responding to her emails. There was a recent water main break on her street, and she stated concerns for the bonding of the $2 million for the sewer system and wondered where the rest of the money is going to come from for this building? She was also concerned with the parking for the facility.

        Mike Vorgang, 1456 Valencia Rd: has been the head Niskayuna High School Varsity Lacrosse coach for 21 years. Mr. Vorgang believes that this facility would give our young people a better opportunity by giving them more practice time. He believes that some people in the town are confused with what this facility would provide for the young people in our town. We want to give all of our young people more of an opportunity to get into a better college if possible.

Councliman McKinney stated that Coach Vorgang is right in his statement.  He believes that he has changed his sons lives, and the reason why Niskayuna does so well is the playing time them have.    
        Steve Avveduti, 841 Avon Crest Blvd, has been part of this project since the beginning and has researched every possibility.  We have looked into purchasing land in Niskayuna but are unable to use the land for this project.  All the numbers that have been presented are conservative and can’t understand why the clubs are being slammed in the papers and by email.
Embarek Masbahi, 2184 Story Ave, has concerns with why an indoor facility is needed when there are soccer fields in the town where they can play all summer, to better their skills.


The following resolutions were approved with a vote of five ayes unless otherwise noted.

Resolution 2012-90 authorizing a contract for the public display of fireworks for the town of Niskayuna Niska-Day celebration.

Resolution 2012-91  to employ additional employees in the Town’s recreation program, at the town driving range, and to hire independent contractors.


        Resolution 2012-92  to recognize and promote the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2012.

        There being no further business to come before the Town Board, Supervisor Landry adjourned the meeting.

Michele M. Martinelli, Town Clerk