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Town Board Minutes 02/15/2000
        HONORABLE               SCOTT M. HORTON         COUNCILMAN
                                WILLIAM R. CHAPMAN      COUNCILMAN
                                LUKE J. SMITH                   SUPERVISOR

                                LIZ ORZEL KASPER                COUNCILWOMAN

        Others present:  Helen Kopke, Town Clerk; Eric Dickson, Town Attorney; Richard Harris, Town Planner; Mark Sollohub, Chief of Police; Charlie Goldstock, Deputy Zoning Enforcement Officer.

        Kevin Walsh, 2843 Whitmyer Drive, asked if the lights recently installed at the Waster Water Treatment Plant were compliant with the Town’s lighting standards.  It will be verified that they comply.

        Lorene Zabin, 2455 Brookshire Drive, in response to questions about a public hearing to consider the purchase of video cameras for the Sewer Districts, was informed that the public hearing was postponed until March 7th Town Board meeting.  No background information was available this evening, but will be made available by Richard Pollack at the public hearing.  She objects to a $50,000 piece of equipment and feels it could be used jointly with other communities. This is an inappropriate purchase at this time.  She suggested requesting the NYS Comptroller to let us use these funds on other needed improvements such as the Lishakill water line.  

        Vicki Holly, 949 Meadow Lane, coordinator for the Niskayuna Partnership, brought the Town Board up to date on activities of the partnership over the last two weeks as part of the Capital District campaign for recognizing violence as a public health concern.  The activity was coordinated by the Capital District Initiative for Healthy Youth, Healthy Community and sponsored by the Council of Community Services.  The Partnership took the lead in coordinating activities and events, which took place in the schools, and in town.  45 different activities took place over a two-week period, with a total of 2,200 participants.  All schools in Town sponsored an activity to promote the awareness of violence.  Two public forums were held, with Town support, with the Niskayuna Police Department Saturday, and Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the library.  These are open dialogues between the school district, Town, parents, youth and Niskayuna Police.  The activities were led by their parent involvement team under the Team Leadership of Gene Sasnow.  They have a travelling display of photographs of the different art work displayed in the schools and photographs of the events.  They made this display available to the Town for display at Town Hall and at the library.  She thanked the Board for its support and looked forward to continuing to work with the Board.
        Supervisor Smith attended the program Saturday and was struck by the presentations by the speakers from various schools and that the Police Department defines the word “public safety” beyond just arresting people.  They do a lot of work with prevention and intervention and will continue to do with the Community Partnership and the High School.  

        Sally Lester, 2451 Troy Road, inquired about the possibility of gangs in Niskayuna and was assured that the Town does not have gangs, but gang members who are not residents are constantly recruiting members.

        Stewart Locke, Inman Road, questioned the necessity of the amount of plowing the Town plows do in Town.  He sees it as a waste of energy, time, and money.  He sees plows out when the road is clear of snow.  Supervisor Smith commented that the Highway Department does an excellent job of snow removal.  They do make more than one pass because the snow and slush still on the road freezes and they try and get it down as far as they can to keep it clean.  We have been fortunate this year with much of the snow removal occurring during the day time, rather than on overtime.

        Peter Zeltins, 1828 Union Street, said the extent of snow removal is a necessary evil.  If snow banks get too high, dangerous situations could occur with decreasing visibility.  He felt it was money well spent.

        All resolutions were approved with a vote of three ayes.

        Resolution 2000-55  supports the Niskayuna Community Partnership in the Stop the Violence campaign.

        Resolution 2000-56, designated William Chapman as a voting delegate to represent the Town at the Association of Towns meeting, with Liz Orzel Kasper named alternate delegate.

        Resolution 2000-57, authorizes the attendance of the Supervisor, Councilmen, Clerk, Attorney, Comptroller, Planner, Justices, and two Justice Clerks at the Association of Towns meeting, February 20-23 in New York City.

        Resolution 2000-58, amended the Code, Chapter 197, Disabled Homeowner Tax Exemption, to allow for the maximum exemptions.

        Resolution 2000-59, authorized replacement of light fixtures and installation of new lights by Niskayuna Electric, at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for $1,400.

        Resolution 2000-60, authorizes Highway Department personnel Ray Smith and Patricia Lester, to attend a four-day training session on RSMS Road Management from May 22 to 25, in Ithaca,  at a cost of $56 per night for lodging, and $30 registration fees.

        Resolution 2000-61, authorizes the purchase of rock salt from state contract from International Salt Co., at a cost of $26.45 per ton.

        Resolution 2000-62, authorized the acceptance of a Traffic Safety Awareness Grant, for $6,000.

        Resolution 2000-63, approves continuing participation in a STOP-DWI Program, and authorizes the Supervisor to enter into a contract between the Town and County.

        Resolution 2000-64, modifies fees for emergency alarms for Type A to $80, Type B $60; Type C $0, and Type D $120.

        Resolution 2000-65, calls for a public hearing March 7 at 7 p.m. to consider the application for a special use permit for Ronald Usenza, 2239 Central Avenue, to allow the reuse of 3800 State Street, as a motorcycle sales and service establishment.

Resolution 2000-66, authorizes Extension 98 to Sewer District No. 6, for four homes on Pearse Road.

        Resolution 2000-67, authorizes William Parkis to attend Introduction to Construction Inspection School, March 6 and 7, at a cost of $175 plus meals.

        Resolution 2000-68, calls for a public hearing March 7 at 7:05 p.m. to authorize the transfer and expenditure of $25,000 of reserve funds for Sewer District No. 1 and $25,000 of reserve funds from Sewer District No. 6, to be used to finance the purchase of sewer video equipment.
        Resolution 2000-69, authorizes the purchase of a water meter servicing the O. D. Heck facility, at a cost of $7,113 for a 6” Neptune HP Protectus II meter assembly, plus crane rental, with a total project cost not to exceed $8,500.

        At this time, Supervisor Smith made a motion, which was seconded by Councilman Chapman, to go into Executive Session to discuss a particular employee’s disciplinary history.  

        There being no further business to come before the Board, the Supervisor declared the meeting adjourned.

                                                Helen Kopke, Town Clerk

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