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Town Board Minutes 05/21/2002

        HONORABLE               WILLIAM R. CHAPMAN              COUNCILMAN
                                RICHARD A. HOLT                 COUNCILMAN
                                DIANE P. O’DONNELL              COUNCILWOMAN
                                LUKE J. SMITH                   SUPERVISOR

        ABSENT:         LIZ ORZEL KASPER                        COUNCILWOMAN

        Representatives of the Niskayuna Veterans of Foreign War appeared before the Board and presented Judge Paul Zonderman and Barbara Pidgeon (who was in attendance representing Judge Dan Burns) with a new VFW flag for the Court Room.   

        The minutes of the meeting of April 23, 2002 were approved as presented.

        Judith Cavelli, 2644 Troy Road, spoke to the Board about development along Troy Road.  She asked the Board to deny the Special Use Permit for the construction of a 60,000 square foot office building at 3120 Troy Road.  She feels it is their obligation to prevent encroaching commercialism on Troy Road.  Even though this is a legal use of the land, she felt it is not morally acceptable for those who live on and near the road.  There are presently thousands of square feet of existing, unutilized office space in Niskayuna and many more in Colonie.  She does not believe it is civilly responsible to tear down acres of beautiful wooded land to build yet another office building, which will also sit unoccupied.  She does not think it is in keeping with the residential character of Troy Road to build an office building approximately 300 times the size of the average home on Troy Road with an acre of paved parking lot.  She asked the Board to take the high road and deny this permit.  It is time someone stood up against encroaching urban sprawl in our Town.  The residential character of our Town is the reason we have all chosen to live here and is a cause worth fighting for.

        Sally Lester, 2451 Troy Road, remarked that she is concerned about the construction of an office building on Troy Road.  She realizes that it will probably be approved because it is allowed in this district.  She is concerned with possible drainage problems from Colonie homes and also how the drainage will affect the area and what the holding pond will look like.  
        Mrs. Lester also asked the Town Board to pass a “Sense of the Board” resolution in opposition to a power plant in Glenville.  She does not think this plant will be good for the environment and asked the Board to consider this resloution.
        Supervisor Smith reported that he is a member of the Watershed Board who is studying what should happen and the Town has input in this proposal.  Mrs. Lester is disturbed that they would be using water from the aquifer.  She does not want this plant and believes it will be bad for the whole county.  

        Lorene Zabin, 2455 Brookshire Drive, understands that the Board’s hands are somewhat tied regarding the proposed office building on Troy Road, however, she would like to see influence at the Site Plan Review stage.  She feels the building is a 200,000-pound elephant that will be hard to hide.  She is concerned that the final design concentrated on the effects on Talon Road in Colonie rather than on the effects to Niskayuna.  
        Mrs. Zabin expressed extreme concern about the need for a Zoning Enforcement Officer.  She sees many junk cars, discarded mattresses and sofas that haven’t been picked up.  She sees the Town becoming a drop zone.  Tall Oaks Apartments has debris outside all of the apartments.  No one is in the field driving around seeing these things.  There are an unusual number of junk cars on Consaul Road near the Hummingbird Townhouses and this is visual pollution for the Town. She believes most people ignore debris or forget about it because they are too busy and asked the Board to address this.
        Supervisor Smith commented that the Town has two Zoning Enforcement Officers.  Both of the Building Inspectors do zoning enforcement.  The Town is in the process of reviewing our property maintenance ordinance to put some teeth into it and also on the ordinance about abandoned property so that we can deal with these effectively.  There are properties that have been abandoned for about 10 years that haven’t been dealt with.  There have been parked cars unregistered and sitting and not been moved for ten years.  There are no teeth in the present code and the new Building Inspector has a list of 20 properties that he has visited already to do zoning enforcement.  We are working to put teeth in the code that gives the Town an opportunity to go to court.  Other communities are doing this also because it is not just a problem in Niskayuna.  

        The following resolutions were approved with a vote of four ayes unless otherwise noted (Councilwoman Kasper was absent).

        Resolution 2002-155 authorizes repair of the pressure reducing valves in various areas of Town and authorizes Ross Valve Mfg. Co. to perform the adjustments at a cost of $1,074.68.

        Resolution 2002-156 authorizes replacement of the pneumatic controllers on the belt press at the Wastewater Treatment Plant from BDP Industries, at a cost of $1,670.90.
        Resolution 2002-157 accepts bid for the redevelopment of wells at the Niskayuna Wellfield of Consolidated Water District No. 6 from Hanson Well Drilling & Pump Co., at a bid price of $36,800 (plus 10% contingency) and authorizes a total project cost of $65,000.

        Resolution 2002-158 authorizes the use of $500,000 in Capital Reserve Funds for Sewer District No. 6 to finance the construction of a dehydration facility at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

        Resolution 2002-159 approves an agreement to permit the construction and maintenance of a fence over a portion of a Town utility easement to William Pascucci, owner of 665 St. David’s Lane.

        Resolution 2002-160 makes budgetary modifications to close accounts as of December 31, 2001.

Resolution 2002-161 authorizes the Supervisor to retain Bauer Appraisal Group to provide a professional appraisal of the Ford Leasing Development property at a cost of $2,700 plus $150 per hour for pretrial preparation, courtroom appearance, and testimony, one half of the total cost to be paid by the town and one half by South Colonie Central School District.

        Resolution 2002-162 certifies the current base proportions to be used as class tax shares for municipal and school district levies.

        Resolution 2002-163 authorizes the sale of unneeded vehicles and equipment from various departments through Alx Lyon & Son.

        Resolution 2002-164 employs additional persons in the Recreation Program.

        Resolution 2002-165 calls for a public hearing June 4, 2002 at 7 p.m. to consider amendment of the Vehicle & Traffic Code to provide for a no parking area between the hours of 8-9 a.m. and and 1-2 p.m., weekdays, on Regent Street between Nott Street and Rankin Road.

        Resolution 2002-166 approves a Special Use Permit for a 60,000 square foot professional building at 3120 Troy Road with conditions.  The resolution was approved with three ayes (Councilman Holt voted no and Councilwoman Kasper was absent).  

        Resolution 2002-167 authorizes a Special Use Permit for an average density development to Michael Valentine for 16.66 acres of land located on Catherine’s Woods Drive.

        There being no further business to come before the Town Board, the Supervisor adjourned the meeting.

                                        Helen Kopke, Town Clerk

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