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Town Board Minutes 09/10/2002

HONORABLE                       LIZ ORZEL KASPER                COUNCI.LWOMAN
                                WILLIAM R. CHAPMAN      COUNCILMAN                      
                                RICHARD A. HOLT         COUNCILMAN              
                                DIANE P. O’DONNELL      COUNCILWOMAN            
                                LUKE J. SMITH           SUPERVISOR

         Supervisor Smith read a proclamation to honor National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and help increase residents awareness of the dangers of prostate cancer. Mr. Glen Spilman, a Niskayuna resident and member of the Man for Man Group of the American Cancer Society, spoke on behalf of the Society.

        Public Hearing No. 1 – Agency Plan 2002 for Section 8 Rental Housing.  Mr. Mastrianni briefly outlined the plan and new initiatives his agency is taking to enhance its offerings to residents.  The program helps the elderly, disabled, and other low-income families pay their rent.  It is funded by HUD, which funds $200,200 yearly toward the program.  They have used 98% of their funding and help 46 families, 50% of which are elderly or disabled. They have a family self-sufficiency program that helps with employment and counseling to help families become self-sufficient.  8 of these 15 families have escrow accounts and they also have a home ownership program.
        Public Hearing No. 2 – Seneca Manor, Phase 2, Extension 152 Consolidated Water District No. 1; Extension 108 to Sewer District No. 6; and Park District No. 15.  
The developer described this four-unit subdivision along Oswego Road together with parkland which is located along the north side of Senaca Road and abuts the land of Ladato.  The Planning Board requested this particular parkland area to protect an adjacent piece for possible future acquisition.  The developer stated that if the Town Board wished payment in lieu of parkland he was willing to do this.  
Councilwoman Kasper stated that the Town is looking for parkland and not access and walking paths.  When the Ladato property is developed either we will take a piece or they will pay for parkland.  There is no need for the area being offered tonight as parkland.  When parkland is designated by Ladato this will connect to River Road Park.     
        Councilwoman Kasper questioned why the Town would take an area that is not a park but merely a strip of land.  It is supposed to be for parkland and it would be better to take the park fee than accept this land.  The parcel is undevelopable. She is disturbed that this information was not told to the Board before.  She received many memos about the development but none about parkland.  She does not want to hold up the developer but she does not want to hear promises. She also objected to voting on the same night as the public hearing if there is any controversy at the public hearing.  
        Town Attorney Dickson stated that the creation of a district is the prerogative of the Town Board but the determination of the details of the subdivision is the prerogative of the Planning Board.  He determined that the water and sewer districts in question are identical and could be voted on tonight separate from voting on the park district.   He recalled an example of other developers that did not do a dedication of parkland which is on the subdivision map as parkland.  The Town never accepted it but it was set aside on the subdivision map.  Whether or not to accept parkland, and what to accept, is the prerogative of the Planning Board.  The creation of a parkland district is the prerogative of the Town Board.  The Planning Board appears to have made the determination that they find the described land as desirable to accept as parkland in lieu of parkland fees.  If the Town Board does not approve tonight’s resolution there will be no special assessed parkland district. The Planning Board was offered a lot near the school that was rejected. They can opt to create or not create a park district tonight at their discretion.  Apparently, the Planning Board has made a determination to request this land in lieu of payment for parkland.  
        Supervisor Smith stated that this land will be here whether the Town takes it as parkland or not because it is undevelopable.
        Councilman Holt stated that he agreed with Councilwoman Kasper in several aspects but not to approve the water and sewer district is penalizing the developer.  He felt the Town Board should raise their questions with the Planning Board.  
        When no members of the public wished to be heard, the Supervisor closed the public hearing.

        The minutes of the meeting of July 16 and August 20, 2002 were approved as presented.

        When no members of the public wished to be heard, the Supervisor closed Privilege of the Floor.
        The following resolutions were approved with a vote of five ayes unless otherwise stated.
Resolution 2002-225 approves formation of Extension 152 to Consolidated Water District No. 1 for Seneca Manor, Phase 2.  A motion was made by Councilman Chapman to table this resolution which was seconded by Councilwoman Kasper.  The motion was defeated with Councilman Holt, Councilwoman O’Donnell and Supervisor Smith voting no.  The resolution was approved with a vote of three ayes, with Councilwoman Kasper and Councilman Chapman voting no.  
Resolution 2002-226 takes action on the Petition for the establishment of Extension 108 to Sewer District No. 6 for Seneca Manor, Phase 2.  The motion was approved with a vote of three ayes, with Councilwoman Kasper and Councilman Chapman voting no.

Resolution 2002-227 takes action to authorize readvertising for bids for Contract 2 – Building Structure for the sludge dehydration facility.

        Resolution 2002-228 authorizes the Supervisor to extend a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town’s unions to extend benefits to employees activated in connection with the events of September 11, 2002.  

Resolution 2002-229 takes action to authorize Amy Houlihan to attend the New York State Assessor’s Association Annual Meeting in Kerhonkson, New York.

        Resolution 2002-230 adopts Local Law No. 5 Dangerous Buildings Law and amend the Town’s Code.

        Resolution 2002-231 authorizes the Supervisor to retain the services of engineering firms to perform preliminary engineering reviews on certain projects and miscellaneous engineering work on an as-needed basis.  The firms are:  Barton & Lguidice; Chazen Engineering; C. T. Male Associates; Smith & Mahoney; Sterling Environmental Engineering; and Montgomery Watson Harza.

        Resolution 2002-232 appoints Kimberly Kelly as a Grounds Maintenance Worker in the Parks Department at a salary of $11.818 per hour.

        Resolution 2002-233 accepts a bid for a leaf machine to be used by the Highway Department from Old Dominion Brush Company at a cot of $14,483.

        Resolution 2002-234 authorizes the Supervisor to retain Chazen Engineering & Land Surveying to provide construction administration services for the secondary access road to the Community Center at a cost of $5,000.

        Resolution 2002-235 appoints Robert J. Hill, 8 Antonia Drive, to the position of Civilian Police Dispatcher effective September 16 at a rate of pay of $22,612.

        Resolution 2002-236 approves Local Law No. 6 which amends the Vehicle & Traffic Code of the Town and adds Parking Prohibited Signs on Rankin Road, and Regent Street.
        Supervisor Smith reported that he had recently surveyed the high school parking lot which showed 35 to 40 parking spaces available. The 15 parking spaces offered at Town Hall have not been utilized. Clifton Park Road is now worried that they will get more parked cars.  The School Superintendent’s philosophy is that the parking lot at the high school is only available to seniors and they have restricted it with a $100 fee.  He will talk with high school officials in an attempt to revise their policy  which is causing a lot of problems with nearby residents.  There is room to create another 20 to 30 parking spaces.  There are questions of vandalism and they have hired a staff person who is paid from the $100 fee.  The Superintendent has indicated he will look at this problem.
        Councilwoman O’Donnell stated that signs are an inconvenience to residents who have already been inconvenienced.  Now during no parking times they cannot have visitors or have family members park in front of their house.  She felt that $100 is an excessive fee to park at the high school.

        Resolution 2002-237 employs additional persons in the Recreation Department.

        There being no further business to come before the Town Board, the Supervisor declared the meeting adjourned.


Helen Kopke, Town Clerk

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