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Town Board Minutes 6/15/2004



Public Hearing No. 1 – Special Use Permit for 3333 Consaul Road (Credit Union).    
A representative of the architect for the Credit Union outlined this 4400 SF building near Balltown and Consaul Road in the Niskayuna Square shopping center.  The proposed site is adjacent to the existing Balltown Road access drive to the shopping center.  Stewarts is to the immediate south and Hannaford is east.  The site is current vacant and it has curbing, sidewalks, and storm water management. Their intention is to incorporate as many existing improvements into the new site plan as possible.  The site is zoned C-N and requires a Special Use Permit prior to site plan approval.  The building will be one story and has 23 associated on-grade parking spaces.  It will be steel with a masonry brick veneer.  Customer parking will be in the front of the building.  Employee and drive through lanes is proposed at the rear of the building.   
The Planning Board has discussed the possibility of a right turn only onto Balltown Road.  Councilwoman Kasper felt that right turn only signs are often ignored and they are unenforceable because they are on private property.  Hannaford already has curbing that only allows for right turn.  The building could also be accessed through Stewarts.   
When no members of the public wished to be heard, the Supervisor closed the public hearing.

Public Hearing No. 2 – Amendment of the Vehicle and Traffic Code (Stop sign on Gloucester Place at Avon Credit Boulevard proceeding west on Gloucester Place.
        Supervisor Smith stated that the proposed Stop sign arose out of the next public hearing when the Town received a request for a Yield sign at Oxford Way.  When looking at the request, the Police requested that the Town consider a Stop sign at Gloucester Place at Avon Crest Boulevard because it was the only intersection on Avon Crest Boulevard that didn’t have a stop sign.

        Public Hearing No. 3 – Amendment of the Vehicle and Traffic Code (Yield sign on Oxford Way at Gloucester Place) proceeding north on Oxford Way.
        Supervisor Smith stated the Police have recommended a Yield sign Oxford Way where it intersects with Avon Crest Boulevard because it is a curved road as opposed to a clear intersection and there was a concern that because it is a bus stop that this may create a dangerous situation.
        When no members of the public wished to be heard, the Supervisor closed the public hearing.

        The minutes of the meeting of May 18 and June 1, 2004 were approved as presented.

        Patrick Smith, 31 Lori Drive, as a retired police officer, noticed a dangerous condition on Route 7 around Lori Drive and the Lishakill intersection.  His vehicle and a Town dump truck were both in the turning lane at this intersection wanting to make left turns  (one onto WTRY Road and one onto Lori Drive).   This is an offset intersection and  there is nothing that can be done about correcting it since the two streets are off center to each other.  This is a real hazard that will get worse.  There is only room for a couple of cars on Lishakill and more and more people will be turning into Lori.   He felt that a letter to New York State Department of Transportation is in order and he intended to write to them.  

        Charlene Tate, Lori Drive, read a letter from her 6-yea-old daughter regarding riding her bike and playing kickball on Lori Drive.  Mrs. Tate is very interested in seeing modification and alterations made to the February 9 sketch plan for the Cerrone Paulson subdivision.  They have one or two ideas that will be presented to the Planning Board that do not have some of the adverse impacts that are inherent to Mr. Paulson’s sketch plan to Lori Drive, particularly the traffic and safety issues that Pat Smith just referred to.
        They feel that the Town does not have to approve everything that Mr. Paulson proposes and that the proper modifications should be made by the Town regarding any proposal that would be detrimental to a Niskayuna neighborhood, especially one that clearly creates something that the Town plan discourages such a cut through street.  They hope that both the neighborhood and developer could benefit from another version of Mr. Paulson’s plan. She hoped that the Board continues to listen to the tax payers, residents and voters.

        Jerry LaGoy, Aqueduct Road, inquired as to the Town’s intentions for the property next to the Recreation Center that the Town owns and is now rezoned.  Because of bonding issues, he wondered if the Town had the right to sell this land for non-recreation purposes.  Regarding use of the new road, it was his sense that most people continue to come from the bridge rather than use the new road.  
        Supervisor Smith stated that he is not sure the Town is restricted in terms of the bonding and purchase of the Recreation property.  There is no plan to sell the Community Center and he has asked Kathy Matern to include discussing this issue at the next Planning Committee meeting.  Neighbors are concerned that if the land is sold at the Recreation Center, according to the new zoning, a building could go in within 50’ of the property line.  
        Councilwoman Kasper agrees when rezoning was originally proposed there were many concerns.  She felt that the Board should have carved out the piece of land that was passed on Plan A, and should have carved the other side of this land that is currently residential.  She has been uncomfortable with the whole thing from the very beginning, but it originated because of the Metroplex boundaries.  She would like to improve the Recreation property and not sell it and she agrees the buffer property needs to remain.  
        Supervisor Smith stated that initially the only people they heard from were people from the other side and a letter regarding the Recreation Center property was received the day of the public hearing.  The Board was somewhat constrained because of the moratorium.  
        Mr. LaGoy stated that he and Councilwoman Kasper do not agree.  He does not believe the situation was beyond their control. He has a sense that some Board members did not do their homework.  

        Mickey Galeoto, Aqueduct Road, hears a lot of talk that residents of Aqueduct Road did not object to anything and never talked about changing the zoning.  There are a lot of younger residents on Aqueduct who are very busy raising their families and perhaps this issue does not seem important to them.  He feels the Town officials have an obligation to do their research and try and protect the people who do not speak out. Just because residents do not speak up does not mean that the Board should not look at situations and try and come up with a reasonable solution such as putting in a larger setback where the land goes over from Tech Park to residential.  He would like to see the homes on Aqueduct zoned residential and then the adjoining tech park land have a 200’ setback.  He felt the Board could have done a little more research and known a little more about Aqueduct Road.  He would like to see more consideration for residents.  

        Mike Ambrasino. 63 Lori Drive, stated that he felt that connectivity is good in theory for connecting residential streets such Heather, and Douglas.  Connectivity is a stretch trying to apply it in the proposed project on Lori Drive connecting Lishakill to the busiest State road via a small residential street to a County road.  He hoped that the Board will consider this. He against the connection.

        When no members of the public wished to be heard, the Supervisor closed Privilege of the Floor.

        The following resolutions were approved     
        Resolution 2004-190 authorizes the use of Capital Reserve Funds in the amount of $86,300 for Sewer District No. 6 to finance the construction of a dehydration facility at the site of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

        Resolution 2004-191 appoints Robert Pierpoint, to the position of Seasonal Laborer in the Water & Sewer Department at $8.25 per hour, effective June 28, 2004.

        Resolution 2004-192 authorizes retaining professional services from Paul Luskin Paving to repair a portion of a sidewalk on State Street to furnish equipment, materials, and labor due to a water main break at a cost not to exceed $9,000.

        Resolution 2004-193 accepts a grant from the New York State Urban Development Corporation dba Empire State Development Corporation to assist the Niskayuna Youth Court with administrative costs in the amount of $7,500.

        Resolution 2004-194 authorizes the Supervisor to enter into an agreement with Whitaker for the inspection and lubrication of the lift at the Niskayuna Community Center at a cost of $160 per year.

        Resolution 2004-195 authorizes advertising for bids for payroll and accounting software.

        Resolution 2004-196 authorizes the purchase of Gigabit Ethernet switches to increase the network speed from Dell Marketing, at a total cost not to exceed $2,500 and authorizes the purchase of a remote CPU switch to increase the efficiency to manage the file servers and network from Dell Marketing, at a total cost not to exceed $1,800.

        Resolution 2004-197 authorizes the purchase and instillation of a collection data processing system software for the Office of the Receiver of Taxes from Systems East, at a total cost of $5,000 and enters into a maintenance agreement for training, maintenance, and general system support at a cost of $400 per year.

        Resolution 2004-198 allows the construction of a fence over a portion of a Town easement to Huicong Hong and Peishan Lin, owners of 2424 Hartland Street.

        Resolution 2004-199 employs additional persons in the Recreation Program.

        At this time the Supervisor, with unanimous approval of the Board, went into Executive Session to discuss litigation and a contract.
        With no further business to come before the Town Board, the Supervisor declared the meeting adjourned.

                                        Helen Kopke, Town Clerk

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