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Town Board Minutes 6/29/2010

Jonathan McKinney, Councilman
Denise Murphy McGraw, Councilwoman
Liz Orzel Kasper, Councilwoman
Julie McDonnell, Councilwoman
Joe Landry, Supervisor

        The Minutes of the Meeting of May 25, 2010 were approved as presented.

        A public hearing was held to consider a proposed sewer district extension submitted by Drake Petroleum and Leemilts Petroleum for Sewer District 6, Extension No. 119.
A representative for Drake Petroleum from Boswell Engineering appeared. He described the project at the corner of Rosendale Road and Rt. 7 at the site of the existing Getty Station that has been abandoned for a few years.  They are proposing a 2900SF Extra Mart Convenience Store and a 6 pump island underneath a canopy.  
They will reconstruct curb cuts and eliminating a large curb cut on Rt. 7.  They have a New York State DOT commitment for the curb cut onto Rt. 7 which will be restricted to a right turn out, left turn in and a right turn in (there will be no left turn out allowed heading east).  Their truck access will be through Rosendale Road.  They will extend a gravity fed sewer line under Rosendale Road towards the Rite Aid store and manhole.  They have worked with Richard Pollock to design the lines as deep as they could.  Adjacent properties may have to use low pressure to get to it.

XXXX Brookshire Drive, opposed the convenience store as there is one across the street and she doesn’t see the need.

When no other members of the public wished to be heard, Supervisor Landry closed the public hearing.
        XXXX, 3rd grade student at Rosendale Road Elementary School, presented the Board with a petition to bring back ice cream trucks.  60 signatures have been gathered from both students and adults.  She wants ice cream trucks because kids like ice cream and it’s nice to have ice cream in the summer.   

        XXXX, student at Rosendale Elementary School, agrees that we should bring ice cream trucks back because a lot of kids would like it.  Her ideas to increase safety are that the trucks could only turn on their music once they stop and the Town could have a law that cars can’t pass ice cream trucks so kids won’t get hit.  
        XXXX student at Rosendale Elementary School XXXX, also strongly agrees that it’s pretty good to have ice cream available if you can’t go to the store and buy some.  It’s good when it comes right to you.  
He also felt that income generated from ice cream sales will have a positive economic effect when the income is spent in the community.  

        XXXX Brookshire Drive, noted a resolution to hire people without names and addresses and wondered if the three acres of Town property sold was subdivided out of the 20 acres for sale.  
Regarding the proposal to consolidate dispatch services in the County, she felt that there were a lot of unanswered questions, she would like to know more information about the plan, and she would like to see input from Niskayuna.

XXXX Berkeley Avenue, asked if the Town had looked at their 2010-2011 budget; what cost saving measures have been looked at; and what Town entities should be considered to be privatized or consolidated within the next ten years.  He asked if the Town has a fixed one-year budget plan and a flexible three and five year budget plan with projected revenues.  
He discussed St. James Square, Stanford Crossing, and the Stanford home and asked what retail stores are going in; what does the plan look like; and thinks the developer should appear before the Planning Board.

XXXX Pawtucket Avenue, doesn’t think St. James Square and the Stanford Crossings are comparable properties because Stanford Crossing is in a much better location for retail development at the intersection of two major roads.  Retail business has felt that St. James Square is too far out of the way.  She supports the current Stanford Crossing project because it makes sense.  The Town buying the property as a historic site does not work and she would object to her tax dollars being spent for this.  

Economic Development & Seniors Committee
Councilmen McKinney reported that the senior’s program has lots of trips this summer. The Planning Committee is working on the Mansion Square proposal to move the Stanford Home so it is facing towards the Plaza.  The building in the center of the property is not attractive to retailers because of parking and traffic hazards.  Moving the home to the parameter of the site makes it much safer for shoppers.
        The CVS expansion is moving along and they are submitting a petition to put up a monument sign which will go before the Zoning Board of Appeals.  ExtraMart is also moving forward.

Education, Parks & Recreation Committee:
Councilwoman McDonnell reported that the camp program started this week and playground will begin next week for five weeks.  The pool is open, pavilion rentals are going well, and they have been working with groups such as Friends of Rowing and the Soccer and Lacrosse clubs to help them improve their facilities.  Plans have begun for the Nisky Fall 5K and fall soccer.  Their next meeting will be Thursday July 8th.

Transportation and Public Works Committee:
Councilwoman McGraw stated that the Highway Department is working on highway paving, resurfacing, and reconstruction of a few streets.   The department is also maintaining parks and facilities, mowing, upgrading park facilities, trails, and the bike path.  The Water & Sewer Department worked on the Extramart project.

Police & Safety
Councilwoman Kasper announced the addition of three new bicycles for the Police Department and they are hiring another dispatcher.  Meetings are being conducted regarding central dispatch but it is still in a very beginning stage and nothing has been decided.  This has been talked about since 1986 and they will get public input.  On Friday, July 9th the Police Committee will discuss it again and she will report any new information.  The Chief has been attending meetings and reports back to the committee.  Cost and location are not decided.

Finance & General Government Committee: 
Supervisor Landry was very pleased to have the addition of Extra Mart on Troy Road.  His understanding is that this corner has been a retail/gas station/store for 50 to 60 years.  It is now vacant and he is glad they will be making this a viable corner.  
        He is pleased that Mansion Square is moving forward.  They are working to preserve the mansion and hopefully moving it is the best way they can do it.  The Town has been working with the developer on the preservation.  Moving it would make it a focal point of the new shopping center and they are changing the name to Mansion Square.  Hopefully, with the approval of the Planning Board, this can move forward and we will start seeing some development.  He agrees that across from Mohawk Commons is a good corner.  As we proceed more and more tenants are interested.

        The following resolutions were approved with a vote of five ayes unless otherwise noted.

        Resolution 2010-139 enacts Local Law No. 3 to amend the zoning ordinance to permit child daycare centers in mixed use buildings.

        Resolution 2010-140 enacts Local Law No. 4 to amend the Town Code regarding building permit fees

        Resolution 2010-141 calls for a Public Hearing July 27 at 7 p.m. to amend the Town Code to add a chapter regarding outdoor furnaces and outdoor wood burning boilers.

        Resolution 2010-142 calls for a Public Hearing July 27 at 7 p.m. to make a determination on SEQR for an application for a Special Use permit for 3159 Troy Schenectady Road to allow the construction of a convenience store/gas station.

        Resolution 2010-143 calls for a Public Hearing July 27 at 7 p.m. to amend the zoning ordinance regarding portable storage units and temporary bulk waste containers.

        Resolution 2010-144 authorizes the purchase of a 2010 Ford Focus Sedan on State contract for use in the Building Department at a cost not to exceed $12,400.

        Resolution 2010-145 authorizes the Superintendent of Highways to trade in certain vehicles and purchase replacement vehicles for use in the Highway Department.

        Resolution 2010-146 authorizes the purchase of a lawn mower on State contract for use in the Highway Department, at a cost not to exceed $42,300.

        Resolution 2010-147 authorizes the purchase of a replacement body for a Ford 900D in the Highway Department at a cot not to exceed $9,984.

        Resolution 2010-148 authorizes the Chief of Police to hire LaRosa’s Automotive Inc. to modify two (2) police patrol vehicles at a cost not to exceed $9,429.67.

        Resolution 2010-149 employs additional persons in the Recreation Program and the Water & Sewer Department.

        Resolution 2010-150 appoints John Serrano on a permanent basis to his position as Water Maintenance Worker.  

        Resolution 2010-151 authorizes the Superintendent of Water & Sewer to advertise for bids for the purchase of materials for water distribution system projects.

        Resolution 2010-152 authorizes the Superintendent of Water & Sewer to advertise for bids for the purchase of large distribution system valves and to seek engineering services in connection with the replacement of these valves.

        Resolution 2010-153 establishes a standard work day and monthly credits for the New York State Retirement System for elected and appointed officials.

        Resolution 2010-154 approves the Section 8 Housing Assistance Program Five Year Plan.

        Resolution 2010-155 authorizes the Supervisor to execute any documents necessary for the acceptance of a gift in the amount of $9,494.23 from the estate of Sally Hahn for use solely by the Senior Center.

        Resolution 2010-156 authorizes the Comptroller to enter into a fifty-one (51) month lease agreement with Metroland Business Machines for a Neopost IS440 Plus Postage Machine at a cost not to exceed $129.75 per month for the first six months and $158.75 per month for the remaining 45 months.

        Resolution 2010-157 authorizes the sale of certain surplus Town equipment by the Town Planner, Director of Information Technology, and the Superintendent of Highways.

        Resolution 2010-158 amends the daily and seasonal fees for use of the Town Pool.  

        Resolution 2010-159 authorizes the Supervisor to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with the CSEA white collar unit for a period January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2012.

        Resolution 2010-160 authorizes the Supervisor to enter into an agreement to sell 3 acres (out of a 20 acre parcel) of Town property in the vicinity of the Recreation Center to the Monarch Group at a price of $55,000.

        Resolution 2010-161 appoints Nicole M. Lang, to the position of part-time, on-call, Civil Police Dispatcher on an as-needed basis, at a rate of compensation of $17.9096 per hour, without benefits, effective July 1, 2010.

        Resolution 2010-162 authorizes the Superintendent of Water & Sewer to advertise for bids for the Pearse Road dead-end water main replacement project.

        Resolution 2010-163 authorizes the Superintendent of Water & Sewer to advertise for bids for the Carrie Court to River Road water main connection.

        There being no further business to come before the Town Board, Supervisor Landry adjourned the meeting.

                                        Helen F. Kopke, Town Clerk




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