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Town Board Minutes 8/31/2010

Julie McDonnell, Councilwoman
Denise Murphy McGraw, Councilwoman
Joe Landry, Supervisor

Liz Orzel Kasper, Councilwoman, absent
Jonathan McKinney, Councilman, absent

        The minutes of the meeting of July 15, 2010 were approved as present.  The minutes of the meeting of July 27, 2010 were approved with a correction to a name on page 1.

        A Public Hearing was held to consider a local law electing a retirement incentive program. When no members of the public wished to be heard, Supervisor Landry closed the Public Hearing.

        XXXXX, Parkville Place, asked for an update on the status of the request for a senior van and asked if the funds had arrived that were gifted to the Town for the senior program.  She was informed that the funds were set aside in a separate fund to be used for senior services.  The Town hasn’t decided yet how the funds will be used.  
Supervisor Landry noted that the budget is still being developed.  The Supervisor’s budget comes out at the end of September and there will be a public hearing.  The Board will vote on the budget sometime in late October or early November. The budget is available for the publics review after September 30.  He explained that the budget starts with Department Heads who request budget items to the Supervisor.  

        XXXXX Whitney Drive, has lived with five or six water main breaks in front of his driveway and has replaced the driveway twice out of his own money.  Supervisor Landry said that the Town would replace the entire driveway because they had seen the damage that the water had caused.  The road was done two months ago and his driveway is half paved and half stone He was upset he had to wait two months to have the driveway paved
After the failure of the hydro-seeding he requested that better soil be used rather than sand.  He wondered why some homes received two applications of the hydro-seed.  He is embarrassed by how his grass and driveway look.  Councilwoman McGraw thought his driveway was already done and said she would take responsibility.  

        XXXXX Fox Hollow Road, was grateful that Sally Hahn had devoted funds in her will for the town’s seniors.  She would be very pleased to know that we want to spend it on a down payment on a new bus.  The bus brings independence to the seniors and benefits all younger people who don’t have to take time off to work to take a parent to the doctor.  For many years the seniors have donated their time, talent and taxes to the community.  The community can be proud of the bus it could provide its seniors.  She asked that the Board approve a line item in the budget of approximately $9,500 earmarked for the down payment of a bus and they include another line item to purchase a bus.  

        XXXXX Consaul Road, stated that the New York State Health Department has recommended fluoridation of public water supplies to treat for tooth decay.  This recommendation doesn’t address the fact that it is only the topical application that benefits and that the ingestion of fluoride can negatively affect organs and chemistry of the body.  This is only a recommendation by the NYS Health Department.  The City of Albany and the Town of Colonie do not fluoridate their water and they do not have tooth decay epidemics.  Worldwide a majority of countries do not fluoridate their water due to ethical and safety issues.  
Fluoride is the only chemical added to our water which is not meant to clean or maintain water safe consumption. It infringes on personal liberty to be forcibly medicated.  Personal dosage is not monitored and people with hypersensitivity and immune deficiencies, kidney conditions and the very young are at risk. He asked the Board to have the policy reviewed and vote to discontinue its use. They have a responsibility to research the claims he has made and asked for their help in this outdated and unethical practice and distributed a packet of information to the Board.  
Councilwoman McDonnell thanked him for bringing this to their attention.  She has spoken to the Supervisor because she has seen various reports and is definitely interested in reading what they have provided.  His research was a compilation of studies.  The only people that support this are the health department, CDC, and some dental associations and they only address the topical product.  He does not work in the field.  This sodium fluoride is a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industry.  

        XXXXX Pawtucket Avenue, has long been opposed to fluoridation and there also is a local hematologist who is opposed.   Fluoride can interact or block other medications.

        Education, Parks & Recreation Committee:   Councilwoman McDonnell reported that they are currently getting ready for fall soccer scheduled to begin September 11.  She thanked Lori and Julie for their efforts in putting the soccer teams together and for registration.  They are also working closely with different organizations as they look at facilities and field use for their sports.
        Next meeting September 9, 7 p.m. in the Shaefer Room.

Transportation Committee:  Councilwoman McGraw stated it has been a very busy season for the Committee with the Ray Street/St. Helen’s project taking a lot of their time.  The project involved both the Highway and Water & Sewer Department and was more of a project than anticipated.
She thanked Bill Parkis for his many years of service and for the training he provided her.  He will surely be missed.  The water meter replacement project is going very well.  She thanked Matt Yetto who has done a tremendous job.

Supervisor Landry congratulated Bill Parkis in recognition of his many years of service devoted to the Town in the Water & Sewer Department as the Plumbing Inspector and Supervisor.  He has worked with many Town Boards, Supervisors, and crews and has done a great job and earned the respect of all his employees and his supervisors.  

        The following resolutions were approved with a vote of three ayes unless otherwise noted (Councilman McKinney and Councilwoman Kasper were absent).

        Resolution 2010-187approves a Special Use Permit to allow the construction of a convenience store/gas station at 3159 Troy Schenectady Road for Xtramart.

        Resolution 2010-188 enacts Local Law No. 5 regarding portable storage units and temporary bulk waste containers.

        Resolution 2010-189 adds a chapter to the Town Code regarding outdoor furnaces and outdoor wood burning boilers.

        Resolution 2010-190 appoints Matthew Yetto to the position of Sr. Civil Engineer for the Water & Sewer Department effective September 6, 2010 at an annual salary of $77,253.

        Resolution 2010-191 accepts a portion of Empire Drive as a new Town highway, one detention basin, and two utility easements in the Cerone-Paulsen Subdivision, Phase I.

        Resolution 2010-192 authorizes the purchase of fencing for the bike-hike trail from Long Lumber & Supply at a price not to exceed $17,999.

        Resolution 2010-193 employs additional persons in the Recreation Department and designates certain independent contractors.

        Resolution 2010-194 authorizes the purchase of shirts for the Recreation Program from JCB Specialties at a price not to exceed $9,999.

        Resolution 2010-195 authorizes the Supervisor to enter into an agreement with the Environmental Clearing House for the renovation of the Grange Hall.

        Resolution 2010-196 enacts Local Law No. 8 electing a retirement incentive program (Part A).

        Resolution 2010-197 calls for a Public Hearing on September 28, 2010 at 7 p.m. to consider amendment of the Code of the Town regarding a real property exemption for certain physically disabled persons.

        Resolution 2010-198 thanks Bill Parkis for his many years of dedicated service to the Town upon his recent retirement.

        Resolution 2010-199 proclaims September 12-18 as National Assisted Living Week.

        There being no further business to come before the Town Board, Supervisor Landry adjourned the meeting.

                                        Helen F. Kopke, Town Clerk

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