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Town Board Minutes 3/1/2011


Denise Murphy McGraw, Councilwoman
Julie McDonnell, Councilwoman
Joe Landry, Supervisor

Jonathan McKinney, Councilman, absent
Liz Orzel Kasper, Councilwoman, absent

Also present: Barbara Nottke, Deputy Town Clerk, Peter Scagnelli, Town Attorney, John Lubrant, Chief of Police, Matt Miller, Deputy Town Attorney, Frank Gavin, Superintendent of Highways, Paul Sebesta, Comptroller, Richard Pollock, Superintendent of Water and Sewer, Kathy Matern, Town Planner.


        The minutes of the meeting of November 23, 2010 were approved as presented.
        The minutes of the meeting of December 9, 2010 were approved as presented.


        Ann Parillo, Bobby Court, is in favor of making a donation to Open Stage Media. She has been involved with public access (SACC-TV) since 1996, appointed by the Mayor in 2001 as Chair of the Schenectady Cable Commission, which oversaw the education channel. Her concern is to have the venue to deliver freedom of speech and would not like to see Niskayuna lose those public access channels.

        Nick Barber, Nott Street, Schenectady, as a past President of SACC-TV, has been involved in the transition of public access in Schenectady to Proctors or Open Stage Media. He spoke of how involvement with Open Stage Media would benefit the town, commending Philip Morris and Proctors for expanding their services from the one station to making three channels available to the public.
        Proctors Theater has so far been providing most of the funding for new equipment, the studio, sets and salaries. Therefore, the town’s participation and support is very important. He feels that a relationship with Open Stage Media would benefit the community.

        Lorene Zabin, 2225 Brookshire Drive, says she read in the paper that our contribution would be designated to hire someone to work at Open Stage Media. She says the town has a contract with Time Warner, we do pay fees to Time Warner and they did give equipment and funds to the High School to use for public access. Therefore, her opinion is to see the matter investigated more before any money is contributed.


        Education, Parks and Recreation Committee:  Councilwoman McDonnell reports the committee is working on the summer recreation program and brochure. They continue to meet with sports clubs and organizations to work on their spring programs and summer camps.

        Senior Programs Committee:  Councilwoman McGraw reports that MVP is sponsoring thirteen weeks of chair yoga at the senior center. With about forty registrants so far, they are still accepting registrations. The Senior Ball was a great success with seventy-five seniors participating. She thanked the Time Travelers, who provided music and the Union College Dutch Pipers who also provided entertainment. Many of the seniors enjoyed a trip to Capital Rep to see the show, “Shipwrecked”.  

        Economic Development Committee:  Councilwoman McGraw reports that CVS Pharmacy is moving forward with their addition and Aspen Dental is moving into Mohawk Commons. Target is planning major renovations at Mohawk Commons and a minor subdivision has begun on Ferry Road.

        Public Works and Transportation Committee:  Councilwoman McGraw is happy to report that about three quarters of the town have had their water meters replaced by now.
        Another project she is very proud of came to her attention at the Community College on another committee.  It is a grant-based initiative that involves metering the use of electricity.  She is hoping to gain this grant for the town through NYSRDA.
        She thanked the Highway Department for the amazing job they have done removing the snow.


        The following resolutions were passed with a vote of three ayes unless otherwise noted.

        Resolution 2011-34, enacts Local Law No. 2011-3 to amend the Code of the Town of Niskayuna, Chapter 155, entitled Licensing of Plumbers.

        Resolution 2011-35, enacts Local Law No. 2011-4, to amend the Code of the Town of Niskayuna, Chapter 173, entitled Sewers.

        Resolution 2011-36, appoints Genghis Khan to the Planning Board and Zoning Commission for a term of office to expire on December 31, 2014.

        Resolution 2011-37, appoints Nicolas G. Ltaif to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a term of office to expire on December 31, 2014.

        Resolution 2011-38, authorizes the purchase of a paving roller and trailer for use by the Water and Sewer Department.

        Resolution 2011-39, authorizes the purchase of a new police car for use by the town’s Police Department. The resolution amends resolution 2011-23 to authorize the purchase of a police car by approving the added cost of the vehicle.

        Resolution 2011-40, authorizes the hiring of a contractor to perform an asbestos inspection at the Aqueduct House. Supervisor Landry explained that this inspection is a requirement before the building can be demolished.

        Resolution 2011-41, makes certain budget modifications to the 2010 year-end budget and 2011 budget.

        Resolution 2011-42, authorizes the Supervisor to submit a grant application to Schenectady County for projects and programs involving the summer concerts under the community initiative grant program.

        Resolution 2011-43, authorizes the Supervisor to submit a grant application to the Niskayuna Community Foundation for projects and programs involving the annual 5k race and the summer playground camps.

        Resolution 2011-44, authorizes the Superintendent of Highways to use certain lawn mowing and trimming services for the Dean Street and Baker Avenue Parks.

        Resolution 2011-45, authorizes the acceptance of bids for the purchase of materials used by the Town of Niskayuna Public Works operations during 2011.

        Resolution 2011-46, authorizes the extension of a warranty for a license plate reader in the Police Department.

        Resolution 2011-47, appoints Christine Lischynsky to the position of Account Clerk-Typist in the Water and Sewer Department on a permanent basis.

        Resolution 2011-48, authorizes the purchase of a lawnmower for the Parks Department.

        Resolution 2011-49, authorizes the issuance of a request for proposals for engineering services for a drainage project on Merlin Drive.

        Resolution 2011-50, appoints Kevin Pomeroy to the position of Maintenance Worker in the Water and Sewer Department.

        Resolution 2011-51, authorizes the renewal of a software database maintenance contract for payroll and accounting services.

Resolution 2011-52, authorizes the Supervisor to negotiate and execute an agreement with Open Stage Media at Proctors regarding public television access.
Councilwoman McGraw remarked the three stations are just starting out and we will begin to see much more from them in time. There will be boards set up for each of the stations; we will have an appointment to each of those boards and be able to negotiate, for instance, when meetings air. We will be getting technical assistance to equip the board room properly to see that the meetings are able to be viewed by everyone.
        Councilwoman McDonnell added that the ability to view the meetings via webcast will also be a great benefit for residents.


        Resolution 2011-53, thanks Bettie Kotzak upon her retirement as Executive Secretary to the Niskayuna Police Chief, for her many years of dedicated service to the Town of Niskayuna.

        Resolution 2011-54, recognizes A. Myron Nichols for his generosity and willingness to assist the residents of the Glen Eddy. Mr. Nichols collected $20,000 to be used for the purchase of Kindles for residents of the Glen Eddy, who have trouble reading small print. Councilwoman McDonnell congratulated Mr. Nichols and all the recipients of the Kindles at the Glen Eddy.

        At this time, Supervisor Landry made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss an employee matter pending litigation, which was seconded and approved.
        There being no further business to come before the Town Board, Supervisor Landry adjourned the meeting.

        Barbara A. Nottke, Deputy Town Clerk



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