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Hydrant & Water Main Flushing
        Niskayuna Residents
Hydrant & Water Main Flushing

Zone 1: East of Balltown Road between Consaul Road and the Crosstown.   East of Oregon Avenue.  East of Balltown Road between Union Street and Van Antwerp Road.  Southeast of Van Antwerp Road to McGovern Drive.  South of McGovern Drive and Antonia Drive.  BOTH SIDES of Rosehill Blvd between 1386 and 1349.  West of Hawthorn Road, Ruffner Road, Belridge Road, Atateka Road, Vrooman Avenue, Stone Ridge Road and St. Davids Lane (to Avon Crest Blvd) North of the  Reist Sanctuary and Niskayuna Square (i.e. Hexam Gardens).

Zone 2: North of Troy Road between Avon Crest Blvd. And Vrooman Avenue.  East of (but not including) Vrooman Avenue, Atateka Road, Belridge Road, Ruffner Road, Mountainview Avenue, Hawthorn Road,  South of (but not including) Lynnwood Drive, South along River Road (both sides) to Rosendale Road. Southeast along Rosendale Road (both sides) to Lock 7 Road.  Also includes Rosendale Road west of River Road to Hedgewood Lane.

Zone 3:  Pearse Road and all areas north and south of Troy Road located east of the Pearse Road /Troy Road intersection.  This zone includes all areas located southeast of the Rosendale Road/Lock 7 Road intersection.

Zone 4:  East of Balltown Road between Mohawk Commons and Consaul Road.  East of Brendan Lane and St. Davids Lane up to Avon Crest Blvd.  All areas east (but not including) St. Davids Lane up to Avon Crest Blvd., Stone Ridge Road and Bellevue Hospital, South of Troy Road.  West of (but not including) Pearse Road.  North of the Colonie Town line, East of Somerset Street and Michelle Way.

Zone 5:  East of Balltown Road between VanAntwerp Road and River Road.  Areas on both sides of River Road between Balltown Road and Lynnwood Drive.  Areas north of and adjacent to Lynnwood Drive.  East of Rosehill Blvd.  North of Denise Drive.  Rowe Road north to Angelina Drive.  North of Angelina Drive and Antonia Drive.  Both sides of VanAntwerp Road between Antonia Drive and Hilltop Road.  West of VanAntwerp Road between Hilltop Road and Balltown Road.

Zone 6:  West of Balltown Road between Nott Street and Aqueduct Road and east of Balltown Road between River Road and Williams Street.   This zone includes Baker Avenue north of Grand Blvd. but does not include the western end of Aqueduct Road, Banker Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Englewood Avenue and Ravine Road.

Zone 7:  West of Balltown Road between Nott Street and Eastern Parkway.

Zone 8:  The west end of Aqueduct Road, Banker Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Englewood Avenue and Ravine Road.

Zone 9:  The southwest corner of Town.  The State Street/Albany Street area, south of Mohawk Commons.

Flushing May Cause Discolored Water
The Water is Safe to Drink  However, Clothes Laundering
is not recommended  
     For further information, call the
 Water Department at 377-8411


March 30 - April 3,  April 6 - 10               Zones 3 & 7

April 13 - 17,  April 20 - 24                      Zones 1 & 6

April 27 - May 1,  May 4 - 8                     Zones 2 & 4

May 11 – 15,   May 18 - 22                     Zone 5

To be announced **                                Zones 8 & 9


**Dependent on City Flushing Schedule


We will be flushing from 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday during your week.   

Please contact the Water and Sewer Department with any questions at 377-8411 from 8:00am to 3:30pm.

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Phone: (518) 386-4500 Fax: (518) 386-4592 | Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.