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Water Meter Replacement

Town of Niskayuna Water Meter
Replacement Program

The Niskayuna water meter replacement program is underway. The project is expected to be completed by July 2011. The work is being conducted by two companies selected by the Town.  East National Water Services is responsible for the meter installation work in the “Old Niskayuna” section of Town and Troupe Water Services is working in the remaining portions of the Town.   A map of work areas for each company is shown below.  Click on the map to see a larger view.


Why will my water meter be replaced?
Over time, water meters become less accurate and can provide inaccurate water readings. By replacing meters, the Town of Niskayuna will be able to bill more accurately and efficiently for water usage. In addition, the new system will include automatic meter reading technology that will end the need for residents to read their own meters and mail in read cards to the Town.  The new meters will also alert the Town and residents of costly water leaks within homes.

Where is my water meter?
In most cases your meter is in your basement.  An installer will have to enter your home to make the change.

What does my current meter look like?
Your current water meter probably looks similar to one of the two meters shown below.  These are typical examples of the meters currently in use in the Town.


What will the new meter look like?
A picture of the new water meters is shown below.  It is of comparable size to your old meter, and so it will fit into the space taken by your current meter.


When will my meter be changed?
Postcards have been or soon will be mailed to residents regarding the scheduling of appointments. When a postcard received, follow the instructions to schedule an appointment to have your water meter replaced. Regular work hours will be Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm. Saturday and off hour appointments will be made if necessary.

How will the meter be replaced?
At an agreed upon time and date, an installer will come to your home. The water service will be turned off and the final reading on the old water meter will be recorded.  The old meter will be replaced with a new meter and the water service will be restored. There will be interruption of service for about 30 minutes during the change.

How should I prepare?
Prior to the appointment date, make sure the meter is accessible. Boxes, enclosures, clothes, and any other materials which could hamper installation should be moved away from the meter.

How will the new meters work?
The new water meters will work much like the meters you currently have in your home. The big difference will be the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology included with each meter.  The new technology will use radio signals to allow the Town to read meters from the street, much like other utility companies already do.  Information on leaks or other problems will also be automatically sent to the Town.

Will my account information be secure?
Yes, only meter readings and meter numbers are transmitted. Personal customer information will not be transmitted.

Will the radio signal from the new meters interfere with my TV, cordless phone, or pacemaker?
No, the radio transmissions will occur on a frequency different from those used by television signals, cordless phones, garage door openers, and pacemakers. In addition, the transmissions last less than one second.  All equipment meets all applicable FCC regulations.

Will I need to be home during the work?
An adult over the age of 21 must be home at the time of the meter replacement work.

How will I know the installer is working for the Town?
All installers working for the Town will wear ID tags issued by the Town of Niskayuna and uniforms clearly labeled with their company name.  Prior to entering homes workers will be required to submit references to the Town to ensure public safety.

Will I have to pay for the new meter?
No, there will be no direct cost to the resident for the meter replacement work.

Where can I get more information on the water meter replacement project?
Information and examples of old and new water meters are currently on display in the Niskayuna Town Hall.  Please call the Town Engineering Department at (518) 386-4520 or e-mail Matthew Yetto at  if you have further questions.

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