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Attention Dog Owners
Dog owners should be advised that the Niskayuna Dog Ordinance has been amended as follows:

To ADD the following Definitions:

VOICE AND SIGHT CONTROL - To control the movement of your dog regardless of exciting or unfamiliar surroundings (such as multiple dogs and people, different noises, various wildlife, etc.) and visible to you at all times while still under control.

VOICE AND SIGHT CONTROL AREA - A designated, posted area, for the exercise of dogs off a handheld leash while walking, hiking or running in the presence of a person.

The Definition TO LEASH has been amended to read:

TO LEASH - to restrain with a rope, chain or strap attached to a collar or harness in order to control the movement of a dog.

Under Responsibility of Owners [Section 81-3A (1)] has been amended to read:

A.  It shall be unlawful in the Town of Niskayuna for the owner of any dog to fail to:
(1)  Leash such dog, except when such dog is on property with the express consent of the person owning, leasing or otherwise responsible for such property, or except when such dog is under voice and sight control and within a voice and sight control area designated and posted by the Town.

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