Building Department

Responsible for

All matters pertaining to the interpretation and application of the Town's zoning ordinance.

The Building Department is responsible for routine inspections, residential and business construction, and general fire safety. Contact the Building Department for:

  • Building permits
  • Information on new buildings or building lots
  • Building alterations or additions
  • Building and fire code information
  • Disabled access requirements
  • Enforcement of town codes
  • Town Zoning Ordinances and maps
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Sheds and detached garages
  • Decks and fences

Per Section 220-66 B  of the Town Zoning Code, no person shall alter or add to any existing structure, or construct a new structure or part thereof, nor change the use of any building without a valid zoning and building permit issued by the building inspector.

The Building Secretary supports the Building Inspectors and serves as staff for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Thomas Cannizzo Building Inspector
Kenneth Hassett Building Inspector
Linda Sciocchetti Information Processing Specialist II