looseThe weekly scheduled pick-up will end on Friday, October 6th.  As of Tuesday, October 10th, random pick-up of yard waste in bags or other  containers (free of dirt, sand, rocks, etc.) will begin so put your  yard waste to the curb as you obtain it.  This will end on   December 1, 2023 or the first heavy snowfall, whichever comes first.

There will be NO LOOSE LEAF pick-up on Troy Road, Balltown Road or Union Street east of Balltown Road. Residents who live in the other parts of Town should check the information below on loose leaf pick-up in their zone.    

Remember, there can be NO BRUSH in the loose leaf piles or other debris. Due to the unpredictability of the weather you are requested to bag loose leaves after your first scheduled pick-up has occurred. A heavy snowfall may impede a second pick-up by the Town as our  machines are not equipped to handle wet, icy leaves

ZONE 1 & 2    -        WEEK of OCTOBER 10, 2023
ZONE 3         -        WEEK of OCTOBER 16, 2023
ZONE 4         -        WEEK of OCTOBER 23, 2023


                ZONE 1         -         WEEKS of OCT 30 & NOV 20, 2023

                ZONE 2         -         WEEKS of NOV 6 & NOV 27, 2023

                ZONE 3         -         WEEKS of NOV 6 & NOV 27, 2023

                ZONE 4         -         WEEKS of NOV 13 & DEC 4, 2023