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FAQ: Billing Changes in Sewer District 1
What has changed in my January 2023 Town of Niskayuna Property Tax Bill?
If your property is in Sewer District 1, your 2023 Town Of Niskayuna Property Tax Bill changed. The charge for maintenance and operation costs was removed from the 2023 property tax bill. Those maintenance and operations charges did not get eliminated; they are being moved to the spring and fall water & sewer utility bills
How do I know if I am in Sewer District 1 or Sewer District 6?
Check your 2023 Town of Niskayuna Property Tax Bill to find your sewer district.  Additionally, you can check the map on the Town website.
How do I benefit from the change in the way sewer charges will be billed?
The new billing will reduce the amount due in the January property tax bill, and will allow residents to spread the payment for the maintenance and operations sewer charges between the spring and fall water & sewer utility bills. The change makes it possible for residents and businesses in Sewer District 1 to be billed based on actual use, which is a fairer and more equitable taxation system.
Why Is the Town notifying residents about a change to the way billing is done in Sewer District 1?
This change impacts when residents can expect to pay for their proportionate share of the maintenance and operations cost for the sewer system that services their home or business. Notifying residents that the maintenance and operations charge has been moved from the January bill, but not eliminated, helps residents adjust their budgeting so that they have adequate funds available when payment is due; half in the spring and half in the fall.
Why doesn't this change impact Sewer District 6?
A similar change was implemented in 2016 for Sewer District 6.
Am I still paying any charges related to sewer on the January 2023 Town of Niskayuna Property Tax Bill?
Yes, you are still being charged for capital debt, which is your portion of the debt service on the funds the town has borrowed or “bonded” to maintain, improve or repair the sewer infrastructure.
What does it mean to say that maintenance and operations will be billed for actual use?
Billing for actual use means that your water meter readings will be used to calculate the amount owed; the more water consumed by a household, the more wastewater that must be treated as a result of that use. Your bill will have a minimum charge, with incremental added charges for usage over the minimum.
What services do I pay for in the maintenance and operations part of my water & sewer utility bill?
The maintenance and operations charge covers your portion of the cost of upkeep for the sanitary sewer system and the treatment of wastewater. The maintenance and operations charge will be very similar to how you currently pay for water on your utility bills. There will be a base charge and then a per 1000 gallon rate based on use.