Conservation Advisory Council

The Conservation Advisory Council is a 9 member board that was created to provide an environmental perspective on land use proposals, comprehensive plans, stewardship of natural areas, and other issues. They work to protect the biologic integrity of the natural environment by building cooperation and participation between Niskayuna residents, local and state officials, and various public and private industries, agencies, and organizations. The CAC reviews local projects under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and contributes to local land use decision-making and conservation. They advocate for the "big picture" view needed for natural resource-based planning. In addition to reviewing projects for the Planning Board, Zoning Board or Town Board, they also work on public outreach and environmental protection initiatives such as a biodiversity / low mow initiatives for Town properties and a pesticide reduction / lawn care outreach to Town residents. Usually meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

Members of the Conservation Advisory Council are appointed for one year terms.

Name Title Term
Trevor Darton Strayer Chairman 2023
Chelsea Rattner   2023
Ellen Daviero   2023
Ashok Ramasubramanian   2023
Steven Burkholder   2023
Miki Vysohlid   2023
Vicki Michela   2023
Georgia Murray-Bonton   2023
Simran Utturkar Youth Representative  
Laura Robertson, AICP Town Planner