Food Delivery Program For Seniors


Schenectady County residents in need of supplies should call (518) 621-3536.

Deliveries from 10 am to 6 pm, call by 3 pm for delivery.

Schenectady County COVID-19 Emergency Response Coalition

Schenectady County and The Schenectady Foundation are partnering with many other community partners to support families in our area during the pandemic. The Coalition will operate a hotline out of the new Boys and Girls Clubhouse in Mont Pleasant.

The Coalition was created to help address non-medical, coronavirus-related issues and ensure those who are quarantined or isolated, seniors, and other at-risk individuals get the basic supplies they need while they remain at home. The main focus of the Coalition is delivering groceries and other essentials during this difficult time, while also identifying services offered by partner organizations for those with additional needs.

Schenectady County residents in need of supplies should call (518) 621-3536. Staff will work with callers to identify their needs, including any dietary or allergy restrictions, and set up a drop-off time. Representatives from the County Department of Social Services will also be on hand to assist with shelter, temporary assistance programs and Medicaid issues. Staff will also have information about resources available to address other identified needs.


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