Informational meeting with Spectrum regarding cable television franchise agreement


The Chair of the Public Works Committee, Councilwoman Denise Murphy McGraw, is hosting an informational session with a representative from Spectrum regarding the status of the Town's renewal cable television franchise agreement on Tuesday, February 25th at 6:00PM, in the Town Board Meeting Room at One Niskayuna Circle, Niskayuna, New York, 12309.  

Spectrum's Director of State Government Affairs, Kevin Egan, will attend the informational session and address issues that have been brought to Spectrum's attention by the Town and will answer questions from the public during the Q&A portion of the session.  The Town informed Mr. Egan of the public comments emailed to the Town as of date, and provided Mr. Egan with a recording of the informational session hosted in October 2019 in conjunction with the Public Service Commission.  If you are unable to attend the informational session on February 25th, you may share comments or suggestions by emailing the Town at The session will also be livestreamed on the Town's YouTube channel.

For more information, contact Deputy Town Attorney Alexis Kim at