The Town of Niskayuna Is Seeking Two Alternate Members for the Town Board of Ethics

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The Town is looking for volunteers to fill two vacant alternate positions on the Board of Ethics.

The Board of Ethics is an important part of Town government and is empowered by Niskayuna Town Code Chapter 17 to primarily investigate Ethics Code violation complaints exclusively with regard to officers and employees of the Town. Alternate positions to the Board of Ethics are members who fill in if a regular member is absent or a conflict of interest exists whereby a regular member cannot sit to decide a particular complaint.

The qualifications for membership on the Ethics Board and information about the term of service are described fully in in Town Code §17-13 (B), and any interested Niskayuna residents are encouraged to read it fully before applying (click here to review in Town Code §17).   Here are some key provisions:

                                    (1)  No Board member shall hold office concurrently in a
                                           political party or be employed or act as a lobbyist or hold
                                           elective office in any local, state or federal government.
                                           A Board member may make campaign contributions and
                                           may participate in any election campaign.

                                    (2)  Ethics Board members must be residents of the Town of
                                           Niskayuna throughout their tenure as Board members….

The Ethics Board has five regular members and terms are for 3 years.  

Residents interested in serving should submit a letter of interest and resume by June 14, 2022 to the Town Clerk Michele Martinelli at