List of Goals Accomplished from Plan-93

Explore the feasibility of Geographic Information System (GIS) – The Town received a $64,000 grant to help implement GIS. The Town’s GIS system will be up and running by the summer of 2003.

Continue to execute existing town policy on bike path requirements. If feasible, the Town will require multipurpose walkways in all subdivisions.

Require development proposals along arterials to minimize curb cuts. Especially along Union Street, the Town looks for ways to eliminate the need for curb cuts.

Utilize the subdivision set-aside process to acquire public access to the Kimberly Court parkland located adjacent to the Lishakill. The Town was given parkland from the Floral Acres subdivision for access to the Lishakill and the Kimberly Court parkland.

Aggregate individual subdivision land set-asides wherever possible to form larger tracts of uninterrupted open space. This has been accomplished with the following subdivisions: Floral Acres, Katerina Estates, Catherine’s Woods, River Hills, and Hummingbird Manor.

Encourage average density development. There has been two average density development projects since 1993 they are: Floral Acres and Hummingbird Manor. Catherine’s Woods Phase 2 is proposed to be an average density development project.

Actively participate in the preparation of the eastern Gateway Canal Plan. The Town is a member of the Canalway Trails Association of New York.

Pursue improvements to Aqueduct Park and Railroad Station Park. The Town received a $35,000 grant for improvements to Aqueduct Park, improvements are complete and a $24,000 grant for a comfort station at the Railroad Station Park, construction will start in the spring of 2003. Since Plan-93, the Town has added another park on River Road.

Evaluate how allowable uses in the I-G zone might be revised to include office development. The Town is investigating rezoning the I-G zone to Tech Park, which would allow for office development.

Redesign commercial zoning standards to more directly address present trends and allowing for commercial PUDs. The Town has instituted a Planned Development District in the C-N: Neighborhood Commercial zoning district for larger tracts of land. The Town has had one application for a PDD and that resulted in the construction of St. James Square.

The Town approved the Town Center Overlay District (TCOD) concept in the center of Town on Nott Street and Balltown Road down to intersection of Van Antwerp Road and created standards for the district.

The Town established boundaries of the TCOD in a manner that facilitates desirable development in that zone.
Work with the private sector in defining ways to strengthen the commercial base in the Mohawk Mall area. The Town has worked with a private developer for the reconstruction of the old Mohawk Mall into an open-air shopping center now called Mohawk Commons.

Develop an R-P: Residential Professional zoning district and established areas appropriate for office development. This has been accomplished and the Town has rezoned several areas to R-P.

The Town removed the professional office use from the R-2 zoning district.

Retain current zoning in the Mohawk Mall area. The Town retained the current zoning but added design standards.

Consider rezoning lands in the northeast corner of Balltown Road-Consaul Road intersection opposite O.D. Heck for uses other than single-family. The Town rezoned this area to C-N: Neighborhood Commercial, which resulted in the construction of Niskayuna Square.

Adopt R-P zoning for the northern section of Balltown Road between River Road and the industrial zone to the north.
Extension of municipal water service along Aqueduct Road.