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iPad Class: For iPad support please email Lisa at

Computer Support: Tom's Computer Clinic, please note Tom's Computer Walk-In Clinic will meet the First and Third Tuesday of every month from 9 am to noon. *Please email Tom with your computer support questions at

Senior Center YouTube Channel

iPad Resource: iPad Basics

iPad Resource: How to Google It

iPad Resource: iPad How to use NEWS App

iPad Resource: iPad How to use Social Media

iPad Resource: How to be an iPad Artist

iPad Useful Links:

              30 Minute iPad Basic User Guide Video

              Basic User Guide

              Videos and More User Guides

              Glossary of Common iPhone and iPad Terms

Computer Corner Articles:

               About the Computer Corner and Computer Expert George Birmingham

               Are your pictures sharing too much information?

               Browsers and Cookies – what you need to know

               Cloud Storage – Use it wisely and securely

               Comparing the Contents of Two Folders and Synchronizing them

               Determining your Public IP Address

               Disk Cleanup – Free up Storage Space in Windows 10

               Do you know what time it is, and does your PC know too?

               E-Mail Safety – Using Bcc: to protect your friends and Holiday e-Cards (that special gift)

               Getting the best Wi-Fi performance from your router

               If one PC display is good, then two might just be better and Bluetooth Security

               Manage Notifications in Windows 10

               Privacy – Make use of the Privacy Tools and Settings on all your devices

               Public Wi-Fi ... Protect your devices in Public

               To VPN or NOT VPN, that is the question

Computer Resource: Disabling Touchpad When Using USB Mouse on Laptop

Computer Resource: How to Prevent Computer Virus from Pop-Up Messages

Computer Resource: Windows 10 - New Features and Apps

Computer Resource: Viruses and Malware

Computer Resource: Types of Windows 10 Logins and Account Types

Computer Resource: Protecting Yourself From Cyber Scams

Computer Resource: Getting Rid of an Unwanted Pop-up

Computer Resource: Getting Help From Someone Using TeamViewer

Computer Resource: Free Software For You to Use

Computer Resource: Customizing Windows 10 Start Menu

Computer Resource: Controlling Windows 10 Settings

Computer Resource: CCleaner Hacker and Malware Inserted

Computer Resource: Browsers and Search Engines

Computer Resource: Backing Up Your Data

Computer Resource: Configuring Microsoft Edge Browser


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