Events through 1976 by Arthur E. Newkirk, Niskayuna Conservation Advisory Council
Events post 1976 by Ed Reilly, Town Supervisor, 1970-1979; 1989-199


1609 Henry Hudson sailed to the present site of Albany
1626 Iroquois (Mohawks) monopolized all Dutch trade westward
1640 Niskayuna settled by the Dutch
1664 Harmon Vedder house built in Niskayuna. Vedder and Smith patents
1667 Damen received 35 acres
1687 Van Antwerp Farm, 1725 Van Antwerp Road
1721 Berning and Erben Residences, Rosendale Road
1738 Colonial brickyard, Niskayuna Road
1752 Niskayuna Reformed Church.  Present building dates to 1852
1761 Stanford Mansion, State Street
1775 Olde Craig Hotel, Aqueduct Road
1775 On May 6, the Schenectady Committee on Safety and Correspondence was formed.
1776 Aqueduct Boat Company building, Aqueduct Road
1776 Shakers settle in what is now Albany Airport area, then Watervliet.        
1777 First New York state Constitution adopted at Kingston
1779 Van Vranken home built
1795 The Old Vedder Farm built, Troy Road
1799 The Derrick G. Groot homestead built, Rosendale Road
1804 Balltown Road constructed.  Alexander's Mills and a wing Dam built at Aqueduct
1805 Alexander's Bridge built for Balltown Road at Aqueduct
1809 Schenectady County formed on March 6th with the Town of Niskayuna as a part
1817 Erie Canal authorized
1820 Champion Farm built, Van Antwerp Road
1822 Erie Canal built at Aqueduct-Rexford
1825 Erie Canal completed.  Simmons House built, Aqueduct Road
1834 Erie Canal wing dam constructed
1835 Schopmeier farm house built, now 1317 Regent Street
1843 Troy & Schd'y RR built along Mohawk with stations at Aqueduct and Niskayuna Hamlet
1850 School House No. 3 built on Balltown Road
1862 First comprehensive enlargement of the Erie Canal completed
1870 Niskayuna School No. 4 built
1890 Scheckelman Barn built.  Taken down November 17, 1975
1892 Vischer's Ferry Bridge built, destroyed by ice the following winter
1895 Van Antwerp School No. 5 built
1898 State Dam built at Aqueduct
1902 Schenectady-Saratoga trolley line built
1903 Mohawk Golf Club moved to present site, formerly the J.W. Smitely farm
1906 Grand Boulevard plot purchased for development
1908 First house built on Grand Boulevard plot for Mr. Jeffers
1910 Railroad Bridge built over Balltown Road
1912 Dr. Willis R. Whitney house built, Troy Road
1914 Lock 7 on canal constructed and Lock 7-Lock 8 level flooded
1918 New York State Barge Canal completed.  Grand Boulevard Association organized
1920 Grand Boulevard Fire Company organized
1921 Charles W. Stone house built, now a part of the Bellevue Maternity Hospital
1930 Concrete sidewalks built on Keyes Avenue
1932 Niskayuna Fire District established
1941 Last run of the Schenectady-Saratoga electric trolley on December 7th.
1946 Construction of the G.E. Research and Development Center begun
1947 Park Districts No. 1 and No. 2 founded
1950 First Town Hall built
1950 GE Research Laboratory opens
1954 Rosendale Estates development begun
1956 Town landfill site acquired
1957 Woodcrest development begun
1958 Orchard Park Estates development begun
1961 Avon Crest development begun
1961 Wastewater treatment plant built
1961 Addition to Town Hall
1962 Niskayuna became a First Class Town
1964 Lisha Kill Natural Area established by the Nature Conservancy
1966 Schenectady Chemicals Laboratory built
1969 Environment/One built
1969 Mohawk Mall built
1970 Wastewater treatment plant enlarged
1971 River Road Park land acquired (Scheckelman Farm)
1971 Avon Crest Park acquired
1973 Landfill garage constructed by the Town
1973 G.E. Engineering Development Center built
1974 Town's first dog leash law enacted
1975 Second addition to Town Hall
1975 Lighted tennis courts built at River Road Park
1975 Niskayuna became a suburban Town
1975 Third expansion of Town Hall
1976 Niskayuna celebrates the  bi-centennial; Historian Lloyd Brinkman's History published
1977 First section of riverfront hike and bike path constructed
1983 Hike and bike path completed
1984 First Community Center and branch library open at Van Antwerp School
1984 River Road Park is renamed Jeff Blatnick Park
1989 New branch Post Office opens on Nott Street East
1991 Nott Street East is extended to Van Antwerp Road
1994 New 35-acre park opens on west side of River Road with recycled name "River Road Park"
1994 New Town Hall opens in November
1995 Elizabeth Harriman Bean branch library opens across from Town Hall
1996 Opening of Niskayuna Square and Wynwood Commons
1997 Opening of St. James Square and Clare Bridge