List of Town Supervisors


"It is the assigned lot of a town supervisor to move peripatetically from place to place, event to event, some planned, many unplanned, some happily ceremonial, others of sufficient gravity to require a high degree of leadership ranging, at minimum, from empathetic presence, to, at maximum, overt involvement aimed at restoration of stability." -Ed Reilly 7/28/1995

1809   Lawrence Vrooman         
1810-1811   S.I. Van Antwerp    
1812   Derick C. Groat  
1813   S.I.Van Antwerp  
1814   W.H. Alexander   
1815   Derwick Veeder   
1816   S.I. Van Antwerp         
1817-1821   H.P. Schuyler       
1822-1825   C.C. Van Vranken    
1826-1827   John Clark  
1828-1829   Abram Pearse        
1830    C.C. Van Vranken        
1831-1832    Abram Pearse       
1833   Morgan Strong    
1834-1838   Abram Pearse        
1839   G. Van Vranken   
1840   Peter B. Noxon   
1841-1842   G. Van Vranken      
1843   Morgan Strong    
1844   Abram Pearse     
1845-1846   James R. Craig      
1847-1848   William Van Vranken         
1849   John Pearse      
1850-1851   William V. Bradt    
1852-1853   James Van Vranken   
1854   John H. Putman   
1855   John Pearse      
1856   John H. Putman   
1857   William H. Lake  
1858   B.C. Lansing     
1859-1860   John I. Vrooman     
1861-1862   William Van Vranken         
1863-1864   Hiram Baumes        
1865-1868   John I. Vrooman, Jr.        
1869-1870   N.J. Van Vranken    
1871   John I. Vrooman, Jr.     
1872-1879   C.O. Hamlin         
1880-1886   T.W. Winne  
1887-1889   C. Van Vranken      
1890-1892   Frank Mesick        
1893-1895   John N. Parker      
1896-1905   G.W. Freligh        
1906-1911   T.W. Winne  
1912-1925   A.R. Hamlin         
1926-1933   James A. Westlin    
1934-1935   G.S. Spaulding      
1936-1940   Roy E. Whamer       
1940-1945   Walter C. Heckman   
1946-1959   Harold N. Rowe      
1960-1965   Robert W. Williams  
1966-1967   Richard C. "Mike" Fritz     
1968-1969   D. Allen Fisher     
1970-1979   Edwin D. Reilly, Jr.        
1980-1987   Margaret B. "Mardy" Moore   
1988-1989   Robert J. Ausfeld   
1989-1997   Edwin D. Reilly, Jr.        
1998-1999   Kathleen R. DeCataldo       
2000-2007   Luke J. Smith
2008-2017  Joe Landry
2018-present  Yasmine Syed

The service of these five Supervisors spanned 36 of the previous 40 years. The picture was taken at the first Niska Day in 1981. Left to right are Mike Fritz, Ed Reilly, Allen Fisher, Mardy Moore, and Bob Williams.