Niskayuna Veterans Memorial


A Memorial for All Veterans

The Town of Niskayuna Veterans Memorial honors the men and women both living and deceased, who served in the armed forces. This memorial will honor all veterans, from all military branches of the service and all wars.

The proposed 1,500 square foot memorial, which would be located in the green space in front of Town Hall would be a welcome addition to the Niskayuna Town Hall. It is hoped that the memorial would serve not only to remember and honor veterans who served in the past, but keep in our thoughts those serving today as well as serve as a reminder for future generations of the courage and sacrifice of all veterans.

The project was a coordinated effort between the American Legion Post 1092, the Town of Niskayuna and the community. Construction of the memorial will be completed with money raised by the American Legion Post 1092, from businesses, residents and through several fundraisers.

Personalized Pavers.
The names of  veterans are inscribed on stone pavers placed inside the memorial. These pavers are available for purchase for those wishing to memorialize a loved one.

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