Complete Streets Committee

The Complete Streets Committee is a 9 member board that was created to study areas of Town where Complete Streets solutions could be implemented and advise the Town Board or Planning Board as to the best practices for such implementation. "Complete Streets" are defined as roadways that enable safe and convenient access for all users, including bicyclists, pedestrians of all ages and abilities, motorists, movers of commercial goods, and public transportation. The Complete Streets Committee’s mission is to create streets that support and invite multiple uses, include safe, active and ample space for those uses and promote pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation travel as an alternative to the automobile in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote healthy living. They promote pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation travel through public outreach and events such as pop-up festivals and bike rodeos. They review new street construction and street reconstruction with the Highway Department to try and implement Complete Streets elements when possible. They review Planning Board projects and share ideas between the Boards to implement Complete Streets solutions to private projects and approvals whenever possible. And they try to coordinate between the Niskayuna Central School District and the Town of Niskayuna to develop safe routes to schools and daycares for Niskayuna families. Usually meets the fourth Friday of the month at 9am.

Name Title Term
William Chapman Co-Chairman 2023
Ben O'Shea Co-Chairman 2023
Karla Duggal   2023
James Levy   2023
Theresa Healey   2023
Andrew Millspaugh   2023
Catherine Kuzsman   2023
Peter Rakvica    
Elise Corbin Student Representative  
Laura Robertson, AICP Town Planner